Many of my clients asks me what is the difference between Microlocs vs Sisterlocks . Hence, I decided to write my thoughts with experience into a descriptive guide. If you want to jump directly to difference between them then click here, and who want to know more clarity can continue with the blog.

What are Microlocs?

Microlocs are traditional locs that are relatively smaller than ordinary locs they are smaller than your pinky finger. They are so small that the average size of the locs is like the diameter of your pencil. Also depending on your hair density the size of microlocs may vary it can be from shoe lace to a straw size diameter.

As the size changes the maintenance of the locs changes too. You can create an many locs as you want. They do not have a set length size chart. You can be creative with your locs depending on what suits on you, you can try multiple looks with it and can be done at home.

You do not need to maintain your locs every now and then, you can maintain your microlocs in every 4-6 weeks so that the roots are well gripped, it also depends on your hair growth too.

Types are Microlocs

Interlocking, braids, and twists are the most popular ways to start microlocs. Microlocs can, however, be initiated with coils, but this is uncommon.

Microlocs with Braids

It is a common process to start microlocs with braids when you have long hair during installation, and if your hair texture is good then the twist will hold properly.

Microlocs with Interlocking

Start microlocs with an interlocking method to keep the texture on point, or if you want smaller microlocs.

Microlocs with Twist

Microlocs that begin with twists are suitable for medium to big microlocs and maintain well in a variety of hair textures. Beginning microlocs with twists has the advantage of making them large enough to preserve with interlocking or palm rolling.

Microlocs Pros and Cons

Microlocs Pros

  • Easy installation, can be self installed, anyone can do it.
  • Cost less than sisterlocks, experts do not need certification or any special products to maintain and install.
  • You will be able to combine microlocs by twisting two stands together to produce larger strands.
  • The technique of retwisting is simple. Thus, the style can be maintained.
  • Requires less time, Installing with the coil approach takes 2-4 hours. It all depends on the speed of your hairdresser, as well as the length of your hair.

Microlocs Cons

  • The lack of a definite grid pattern might result in an asymmetrical head of locks with irregular partings.
  • Because it does not require any training, it is possible that it will result in errors or even holes along the strand, causing breaking.
  • Microlocs might be a little tricky to work with. They also become heavier as they grow longer, which impacts your locs’ styling abilities.

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What are Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are small locks that were created by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell in 1993 and they are still popular and in use today.

A qualified sisterlocks expert is required to install this hairdo, as it requires a certified consultant. The consultant will use some interlocking tools on your hair at the time of your consultation. It will give an idea of which hairstyle will suit your hair type.

Sisterlock Installation 

Sisterlocks feature a certain grid layout and interlocking procedure that must be maintained when they are installed.

The locking technique of hair from the tips to the roots guarantees that each lock has the least amount of strain at the root. There is no need to use any hair products like wax, oil or even gels. Installation can take anywhere from 24 to 36 hours or more, depending on your hair length and the speed of the expert.

How to Maintain Sisterlocks

It’s advised that you meet your sisterlock consultant within 2-4 weeks of installation to discuss any concerns you may have.

How well your locks mature is determined by how well you care for them once they’ve been installed, as well as the texture of your hair. It can take around 6 months of time.

When employing the sisterlocks (interlocking) approach, maintenance is required after 4-6 weeks. It’s not a good idea to go more than two months without retightening your locks because they’ll get brittle and thinning.

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What are Microlocs vs Sisterlocks: Pros & Cons
What are Microlocs vs Sisterlocks: Pros & Cons
What are Microlocs vs Sisterlocks: Pros & Cons
What are Microlocs vs Sisterlocks: Pros & Cons

Sisterlocks Pros and Cons

Sisterlock Pros

  • Sisterlocks are one-of-a-kind to the person who gets them, as they are customized to every hair type
  • The style of lock that is done to your hair is determined by the texture of your hair.
  • It is said that sisterlocks are more manageable and to style because they are lighter and have a flatter root texture. As they are thin it is easy to style your hair. 
  • Sisterlocks are considerably inexpensive to maintain compared to other hairstyles. Hair products are not required for them.
  • Compared to the classic dreadlocks, they are more aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is possible to accomplish this with relaxed hair, but the transition to natural hair will take longer.
  • Because the locking is done from the ends, there is very little stress at the root.

Sisterlocks Cons

  • The initial investment is quite high. Sisterlock installation can be more expensive than microloc installation.
  • In the early stages of unfolding This is especially true if you are constantly touching your hair.
  • If you wait too long between re-tightenings, the locks will become thin and start to break.
  • Sisterlocks take longer to install than microlocs.
  • Installation duration is typically 24 to 36 hours long.
  • how long it takes to implant it will determine on your stylist, hair density, and length of your hair.
  • Sisterlocks can only be installed by a sisterlock consultant who is certified.
  • Sisterlocks are designed to be as thin and sleek as possible. It is possible that poor installation will result in further hair loss.

Microlocs vs Sisterlocks: Quick Differences

ExpertiseCan be installed by a sisterlock consultantEasy to install, no expertise
TimeIt requires 24 to 36 hours installation time.It takes  takes 2-4 hours
CostCost for sisterlocks installation can cost anywhere from $400-$1000 & maintainence service can cost between $100-200Priced between $150-$400 depending on where you are located
Weight Sisterlocks are lighter in weightMicrolocs are heavier in weight
MaintenanceSisterlocks maintenance is required after 4-6 weeksMaintain your Microlocs after every 4-8 weeks
DamagePoor maintainence will result in hair lossCan cause holes along the strand, and hair breaking.
Style Sisterlocks are customized for your specific hair texture and pattern.Asymmetrical locks with irregular partings
PatternSisterlocks  are unique for every personBecause there is no defined grid pattern

Maintaining Sisterlocks and Microlocs

In order to maintain your sisterlocks and microlocs for longer time and want to make them look fresh and new you need to take care of them. So lets see how can you maintain them.

  • 1. If your locs are unravelling, you need to wash them carefully. Wash your Microlocs with soft hands be gentle on them. Do not tie them too tight.
  • 2. For Microlocs do not forget to re-tightened them every 4-6 weeks. Your hair grows every week and in order to maintain your locs and don’t get into the separate locs and loosening them you need to re-tightened them.
  • 3. Wear a weave cap while shampooing make sure the shampoo reach your scalp, it will help to remove residue and sebum from your scalp. You can use a pointed shampoo cap in order to reach the shampoo to your scalp, fill with 80% water and 20% shampoo.

Sisterlocks can be turned into Microlocs?

Short answer is Yes, you can turn your sisterlocks into microlocs once they are matured, you can turn 2 locs interlocking them together. But you cannot turn your microlocs into sisterlocs.

Should I go for Sisterlocks or Microlocs?

If you are looking for affordable option then microlocs is for you. But if you want good styling invest some $$ and time then you can go for sisterlocks.

What are Similarities between Sisterlocks vs Microlocs

Microlocs and Sisterlocks are both variations of dreadlocks and smaller than traditional locs. You need to maintain your roots of your hair from time to time. They both are non-freedom locs.

How long do sisterlocks and microlocs take to install?

Installation time can range from 8 to 36 hours for sisterlocks, while microlocs can be installed in 6 to 24 hours. Sisterlocks typically take longer to install than microlocs, due to the more precise interlocking technique. 

How Many Locs Will I Have?

Microlocs: Typically more than 150 locs.
Sisterlocks: Varies based on your hair and desired look.

Which Is More Affordable Sisterlocks or Microlocs?

Microlocs: You can start them at home, keeping costs down.
Sisterlocks: More expensive due to professional installation.

Which loc type is more customizable?

Sisterlocks are more customizable than microlocs, as they are designed to be unique to each person’s hair type and texture.

How much do sisterlocks and microlocs cost to install and maintain?

Sisterlocks are pricier than microlocs due to specialized training and longer installation time. Sisterlocks installation ranges from $400 to $1000, while microlocs cost $150 to $400. Maintenance costs vary, but sisterlocks usually need more frequent retightening, increasing overall expenses.

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