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Are you in search of dependable insights into Beauty and Health? Explore our renowned blog, where a committed team of experts delves into the latest trends and research. Are you an expert too in this topic and Interested in contributing? Write for us now!

Who want to portray their knowledge, related to Healthcare, Beauty, Hair Braids, Cosmetics, Make-up, Dental we are open to all the contributions.

  • The article should be knowledgeable should give good insights into the subject.
  • The article should help readers to gain knowledge and make them come to the website again.

Feel free to submit either a draft or a list of topics you’d like to write for us. However, the more comprehensive your article, the more feedback we can provide.

Please do not send any press releases or your sales pitches it just makes us feel sad 😢

What is the criteria for writing an article

Guest Post Criteria for all Types of Articles

  • An article with a specific Topic and a Challenge or Solution, or your personal experience or a review
  • A educational article, a viewer should be able to learn something from the article
  • It should be an original article with less than 7% plagiarism
  • An article must contain at least 1 image, (more image leads an interesting article)
  • Not more than outbound 1 link (do-follow link)
  • We will create an Author account for you with your bio
  • Do not send articles which are already published somewhere else it will not be published or written by chatGPT or any other AI writing tools.

What should be the length of an article

  • Blog – 1000+ words
  • Review – 800 – 1200 words if more we will you More
  • Personal experience – 800+ words

Guest post guidelines for all types of articles

All articles submitted to us will go through a reviewing stage. If the post does not fulfill the above-mentioned criteria or the flow of an article is not properly articulated then we may not publish the article.

We are using a paid tool to check plagiarism and if it is more than our acceptable limits then we will send back the article for modification.

Check a few articles for your reference which got published

Free Guest Post

Criteria for Free guest post

  • 1 Article of 3000+ words with 2 Images 1 will be featured image 1 in article image (Images should be sent separately + royalty free images) or 2 articles of 1500+ words each
  • Requesting you to send the article topics first & after finalizing you can send the complete attachment.
  • Contact us here – [email protected] & [email protected] (please do not contact us if your article is not meeting the criteria)

Author profile is required

Your contribution is valuable to us and we appreciate your efforts. We will design a beautiful bio for our fellow Authors and short paragraph on them, we will also consider their contact information to be displayed under their name.


You are the owner of your story. So what do we own? the publishing rights to your story before anyone else. We will just modify a couple of words if it is necessary just so that it gets found organically and can reach the maximum number of visitors.

FAQ’s to Contribute an Article

Q: How to submit an article?

A: We preferred to submit an article to our E-mail in the form of an MS Excel file version. or else a google document it will be easy as it does not have any different versions like excel. Email – [email protected]

Q: How long should be an article?

A: An article must contain a minimum of 1000+ words and more, it should be nicely written in short paragraphs with good quality images ( images not more than 200kb)

Q: How long it will take an article to get published?

A: It will take up to 2-3 days from the date of submission

Q: Can I post the same article elsewhere after submitting it to you?

A: NO. We do not recommend publishing elsewhere we must retain the rights to the content, but if you still want to publish it on other forums or on your website we suggest you put the original source of the published article. And it should be posted after 3-4 Weeks of time.

Topics for contributing a blog

Write for us on Beauty topics like the following:

  • Makeup, Beauty Secrets, Hair Care, Mom Beauty
  • Body Care, Nails, Manicure, Pedicure
  • Body Products, Cosmetic Products, Product Reviews

Write for us on Health topic like the following:

  • Facial, Celebrity Makeup, Face Makeup, Eye Makeup
  • Bridal, Bridal Makeup, Makeup Ideas, Lip Makeup
  • Mehndi Arts & Designs, Nail Arts & Designs

Write for us on Hair Care topic like the following:

  • Hair Care Solutions, Hair Colors, Hair Care Ideas
  • Oily Hair Care, Dry Hair Care, Hair Growth
  • Dandruff, Hair Fall, Hair Treatment
  • Blowouts, Braids, Highlights, Hair extensions
  • Hair removal, Hair replacement, Hair bleaching

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