“How do I choose between Sisterlocks and Traditional Locs?” is a question I am frequently asked. or “How do Sisterlocks and Traditional Locs differ?” So I made an article outlining the advantages and disadvantages of both types of locs in my perspective. Please remember that when I say “disadvantage,” I’m using the word loosely and as a generalization for some, not everyone’s, perspectives.

Women who have always desired to develop long dreadlocks may be confused about the distinction between growing dreadlocks and the Sisterlocks style technique. One of the most noticeable distinctions is the amount of time it takes to develop dreadlocks vs Sisterlocks. While these two approaches appear to be identical over time, they begin in distinct ways.

What are the key differentiators between Sisterlocks vs Dreadlocks?

Palm rolling (or matting) medium to large volumes of hair with a balm or wax is the most frequent way to make traditional locs.

Sisterlocs are created with the use of a particular instrument and considerably tiny sections of your hair.

How much does it cost to maintain Sisterlocks and Traditional Dreadlocks

Depending on the hairdresser and the length of hair, initial and maintenance sessions for traditional locks can cost anywhere between $50 to $100.

Sisterlocks are more expensive, with installation costs varying from $500 to $800 and re-twisting and servicing costs of $100.

Easiest method to do Sisterlocks vs Dreadlocks

Traditional locks can be difficult to style. Certainly, they look fabulous hanging down, but when it comes to up-dos and other styles, practice makes it perfect. Another thing to keep in mind is that as your locs grow longer, they become heavier, which may and will hinder your ability to style them.

Because of their lesser weight and smoother root texture, sisterlocks are reported to be much simpler to shape. Sisterlocks are also slimmer, making complex or elaborate styles simpler to achieve.

Time Differences Between Sisterlocks vs Dreadlocks

One of the most noticeable differences among both Sisterlocks and regular dreadlocks (also known as “locs” among loc users) is the length of time it takes to achieve the hairdo.

Sisterlocks can be achieved in as little as a few visits to a Sisterlock specialist, whereas mature locs can take up to 18 months. Sisterlocks give you the look of locs without requiring you to go through the lengthy procedure of locking your hair. Sisterlocks are applied by Sisterlock specialists who have been trained in this method.

Traditional dreadlocks are grown over time and require twisting of the hair’s roots as the hair develops. Loc users must really be patient, since it takes many months for the hair to naturally lock on its own.

Relaxed hair will not lock well, however Sisterlocks may be put over relaxed hair, providing ladies with chemically straightened hair an instant natural appearance.

Features Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks

Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks resemble tangled hair ropes. Sisterlocks will ultimately evolve into dreadlocks if they are handled like regular locs. Locs and sisterlocks may both grow to be rather lengthy.

Sisterlocks vs Dreadlocks

Process/ProductsCreated using special tools.Mostly created through palm rolling using balm or wax.
TimeCan take anywhere from 24 hours or more.Take time anywhere from 2-3 hours depends on stylist and hair length.
Cost$500-$800 for installation.$50-$100 for starting and maintenance appointments
EasyEasy process compared with locs.Challenging process.
Hair Texture RequiredYour hair can be either natural or relaxed.Requires completely natural hair.
StylingPossible to style sisterlocks into intricate stylesDifficult to style traditional locs when they grow long. 
Maintenance Cost$100 for re-twisting and maintenance. $50 and $100 depending on expert

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Choosing between Sisterlocks and Traditional Dreadlocks

Sisterlocks are an excellent option for ladies who might not go through the stages of hair locking but want to see results faster. Growing locs the conventional manner might be tough depending on your profession and habits. Sisterlocks allow you to have locs right away without the time and effort of cultivating them.

Sisterlocks, on the other hand, may appear too simple for women who wish to go into the complete process of developing locs but doesn’t always allow a woman to experience the true locking process.

Benefits of having Dreadlocks and Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks and locs are both low-upkeep hairstyles. They’re good for dark hair because they don’t require much styling on a daily basis. Hair can grow at incredibly long lengths due to the less handling.

If you girls don’t want to spend your time on your hair then sisterlocks is the ideal style for you. You can get up and go to work in the morning without worrying about your hairdo, or spend a few minutes braiding or ponytailing their locs or Sisterlocks.

Misunderstandings between Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks

Just like other hairstyles you can condition and shampoo your sisterlocks and dreadlocks. They are not developed by merely not combing the hair. While afro-textured hair may ultimately mat and lock if left to its own devices, it will not develop uniform locs in this manner.

How to take care of Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks

Sisterlocks extensions to try

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