MonkeyBall will serve as the inaugural flagship partner for StarLaunch’s IDO launch. There will be a 1% sale of MonkeyBall’s total supply on November 30. Those projects launching on StarLaunch will take inspiration from MonkeyBall.

Technology like blockchain has transformed the crypto space in ways that cannot be exaggerated. This is especially true of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, which are gaining popularity.

StarLaunch, the new Solana-based IDO and incubator platform, has selected MonkeyBall, a Solana-based P2E game, as its launch partner.

Solana based StarLaunch Projection with MonkeyBall

Moreover, MonkeyBall will set the benchmark for all future StarLauch sales, both in associated with the project value and eventual results for participants.

They pick MonkeyBall out of sheer instinct, according to StarLaunch. Due to its large community and investor backing, as well as its unique Play-to-Earn design and high production value, this game has a strong foundation.

As part of the sale which is scheduled for November 30, MonkeyBall will offer 10,000,000 of its 1 billion MBS tokens, or 1% of the total supply.

By comparison, the prepayment price is based on $0.04 per MBS with an implied fully diluted valuation of $40 million.

Monkey profile pics!

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How will be the MonkeyBall Game

A play-to-earn game that utilizes the MonkeyBall ecosystem with MBS, which is its native token, is taking the Final Fantasy turn-based gaming experience and putting it in a street-level soccer setting – but with monkeys as the players.

Players also control their own monkey team, which must defeat other monkey teams by playing soccer.

MonkeyBucks $MBS, the game’s primary token, are rewarded to users when they win matches.

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In addition, MBS can be earned by owning stadiums that host games, as well as completing missions. Additionally, you can cheer for the monkey team by attending other matches.

Users can spend MBS tokens on items in the game’s shop or to upgrade their monkey teams. Also note this, the game DAO will be in charge of running in-game stores and associated treasuries using the SCORE token.

This will ensure that the game is transparent and users have control over it. Additionally, owners of MBS at the early stage can also take advantage of 5000 Gen0 monkeys in the upcoming MonkeyBall NFT drop.

Once the game launches, these will be the first NFTs that can be used for monkey team creation. Its unique bi-token participation model will drive the MonkeyBall IDO on StarLaunch.

Further, StarLaunch differentiates between governance tokens and IDO access stakes, the latter being a deflationary token, $STARS. In the meantime, Hydrazine ($N2H4) is in charge of the latter.

IDOs on StarLaunch are powered by Hydrazine, which is generated by stakes of $STARS.

In addition to that, StarLaunch provides users with insurance protection against complete failure of a project and outright scams. IDOs are therefore even more important when choosing projects.

MonkeyBall’s Head of Marketing, Oren Langberg, expresses his team’s gratitude for StarLanch’s decision to partner with them. Stay tuned for its IDO launch on 30 November 2021

Aatash Amir, CEO at StarLaunch says “MonkeyBall represents the future of on-chain gaming. As such we are thrilled to have them as our flagship IDO”, “As one of the most anticipated play-to-earn games out there, MonkeyBall will set the standard for the top-tier projects set to launch on StarLaunch”

MonkeyBall has received $3M funding from various venture capitals and ventures like DraftKings, Republic, Solana Ventures, NFX, iAngels, Longhash, CMS, eToro, COTI, Simplex.

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