A 14-year-old girl wins $1 million in 10 min from her own Beluga whale NFT in the United States. In the Alpha Art NFT marketplace, she sold her NFT. It was Abigail’s brother who inspired her to come up with NFT.

New technologies have made it possible for kids to turn their random art and drawings in school and at home into something worth preserving. As a matter of fact, everything has changed.

As per the report, Abigail, a 14-year-old adolescent, claims to have earned $1 million in less than a day for building a Belugies NFT mostly in the United States.

Belugies NFT Inspiration

When the youngster saw Beluga Whale in person at the city’s aquarium, he decided to create a collection of about 8,000 NFT pictures.

Abigail learned about NFT from the ground up thanks to her 25-year-old brother Adam, He explained her what is NFT and how NFT technology works.

When asked her what device was used to create all these NFT she said “Almost all of Belugies NFT drawings were created on an iPhone 8 since the beginning”.

Afterwards, her brother developed a script to create decorations for the Beluga Whales. Through this process, they collected 8000 pictures that were all unique.

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Beluga NFT was Sold on Alpha Art NFT marketplace

Abigail offered up the NFT for sale directly on the Alpha Art NFT marketplace. The starting price for the NFT Belugies started at 0.8 SOL in the bid.

Once the post went live, all tokens were purchased within a few minutes.

Surprisingly, at the time of the conversion, 0.8 SOL was equivalent to $160.

In the moments following, Abigail and Adam made charitable donations. They gave $200,000 to Sunshine Kids, a cancer organization for children’s, and another to a non-profit organization that helps Beluga whales.

As they put it on Twitter, “we did it,” they were full of pride and enthusiasm.

On the secondary market, at the time of trading of 7200 Sol, the exchange rate for each Belugies NFT depreciated to 0.27 SOL. Even so, the team received 5% in royalties from the resale.

As part of their efforts, the team has committed to continue to work on this project as they intend to give away 100 reserved Belugas for publishing children’s books based on their characters.

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