Summer is coming very soon, and it means heat and sun will overwhelm our days. Of course, summer is a great time for a beach vacation where you can get a wonderful tan, but remember you shouldn’t stay in the sun for a long time to avoid sunburn. Surely, apart from protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, it’s also quite important to care about your eyes.

And do you know about the best antidote for the sun that delivers excellent protection? This is a pair of high-quality sunglasses to stay safe and comfortable whenever you are outdoors. 

If you stay in the sun without shades, long-term exposure to UV rays can damage the surface of your eyes as well as their inner structures. In some cases, it can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. That’s why optometrists and ophthalmologists recommend wearing sunglasses to avoid these problems. A

nd apart from protection, a stylish pair of sunnies can add some finishing touch to your outfit, wherever you go. Sounds like a cool universal and multifunctional antidote, isn’t it?

When you are shopping for sunglasses, it can be difficult to make your choice because there is a wide range of top-rated shades of excellent quality and different styles on the market. So, how to choose the right pair? Follow our simple guide to get a suitable and eye-catching accessory to get excellent protection from the sun:

Search for UV protection

Remember that the ability of sunglasses to block UV rays isn’t dependent on the lens darkness or the price tag. Always look for sunnies labeled as blocking 99-100% of UV light, or UV absorption up to 400 nm.

Try to wear wraparound frames

These sunnies prevent the UV rays from entering from the sides of the frame thanks to their wraparound shape. As a plus, these sunglasses look stylish and modern to complete any contemporary outfit. 

Make sure sunglasses block enough light

Any pair of high-quality shades should screen 75-90% of visible light, and you can easily check it. Just try the sunglasses on in front of a mirror. Then check if you can see your eyes through the glasses lenses. If you still can see them, it means the shades are too light. 

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Determine special features

Remember that sunglasses often have a great variety of special “extras” you can choose from:

  • Polarized lenses. These shades can be quite helpful when you are driving or boating. Polarization doesn’t mean sun protection automatically, so you need to check out the UV absorption. Take a look at a great assortment of impressive and modern sunglasses from Henau to get a suitable antidote for the sun!
  • Mirrored coatings. Thin colorful layers of metallic coatings can provide additional protection to the skin around your eyes. In addition, these frames look amazing, especially when the color matches your clothing or other accessories. 
  • Gradient lenses. These are lenses shaded from top to bottom that can help you see clearly, for example, when you are driving. Double-gradient lenses suit better those situations where light is reflected from the snow or water.  
  • Photochromic lenses. These are special lenses that get darker in bright light and become lighter when it’s darker outside. In other words, these sunglasses can easily adjust to different light conditions automatically. 
  • Durable and impact-resistant lenses. Of course, there are no shatterproof lenses, but you should know that plastic lenses are more durable compared to glass lenses. Many sports sunnies are available with polycarbonate lenses that are more durable than plastic ones. If you are getting shades with polycarbonate lenses, choose a pair with scratch-resistant coating because this material can be scratched easily. 

Do not forget about eye safety

Of course, even a top-rated pair of sunglasses cannot provide full protection from any intense light sources. You should avoid tanning lights, arc welding, or gazing at the sun directly to prevent eye damage. And surely, wear sunnies whenever the sun shines brightly and you are going out. 

Stay fashionable

As we already said, apart from functionality and protection, a pair of shades can improve your look and add an impressive note to your wardrobe. Choose sunglasses that suit your taste and match your individual style. Some people prefer more classic and standard frames in neutral tones while others adore wearing impressive and bold shades in attractive color options to express their uniqueness. The final choice is yours!  

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