Are you in search of the best NFT games in 2022? Hundreds of fans are waiting until they can plunge into new opportunities provided by the crypto industry. It’s a great chance to get income and entertain yourself at the same time. We’ve collected upcoming best NFT games that are worth being called “the best of the best” in 2022. Check the NFT games list below and choose the right game for you. 

What are NFT Games?

It is important to first brush up on non-fungible tokens if you plan to understand how NFT games work. Digital assets that are non-fungible are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short. In other words, there are no two NFT tokens alike, so each digital asset has its own value in the real world 

There are virtually no limits to what can be done with NFT. You can, for example, purchase virtual land from the popular NFT game Decentraland and then build real estate on it. There have been many Decentraland sales over $1 million since Decentraland was founded. 

There are various NFT-driven games that enable you to make money on two fronts.

First and foremost benefit you’ll receive from completing gaming tasks, such as progressing to a specific level, is earning crypto in the form of the platform’s in-house currency.

Decentraland, for example, uses MANA as its in-game currency. You can exchange the in-game currencies you earn for real money on public exchanges, which allows you to cash out your earnings. The popularity of play to earn games is due to this. 

Secondly, you can earn money in a crypto play to earn game by buying or minting unique NFTs. It is possible to do this when you obtain an NFT from within the game that represents something valuable. It might be necessary to defeat other players in an adventure game. 

It is likely that an NFT that has the greatest degree of strength and power will command the highest value on the open market. There are many free NFT games, and that is another thing to note about the best games. Consequently, you can earn real-world money without actually putting any of your own money at risk.

Best NFT Games to Play in 2022


The game is one of the most popular NFT games. There are two parts to it: searching for Illuviums, and upgrading your gear for PVP battles. Players are primarily responsible for preparing their teams. After all preparations have been completed, the fight begins. Get access to the starting point and play using tokens ILV – it’s the token used in the game. In the game, players are able to acquire ILV tokens through trading and special tasks.


It’s one of the first NFT games that was built on the ETH network. The game provides an opportunity to breed and trade cats. You can go to the platform and sell digital cats.

Take into account that it is possible to get rewards if you gather a collection of kitties. One of the most interesting parts of this game is the possibility to take part in the fighting. It’s available at KittyVerse. This NFT game provides an opportunity to communicate with other players and solve puzzles. 

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Guild of Guardians

Mobile phones can play this action-RPG game – you can download it for your Android device and iOS device. You can play it for free. Purchase characters in the form of NFTs and play a corporate game. Earn profits without spending much on your credit card. 

According to the gameplay, it’s possible to select free characters and take the best traits from each one to create the best character you can use for the game. You can earn income by gathering tokens GOG. 

Big Time

The game Big Time differs from others. It hasn’t been designed on the basis of the so-called “Play to Win” model. It’s an RPG game where you can enjoy adventures in the Player vs. Environment format and earn NFT items. It’s possible to trade them on the Binance platform and other trading platforms.

Idle Cyber

You have the possibility of finding yourself in 2088. In the game, players fight with cyborgs and giants. You’ll enjoy many opportunities to trade NFTs and earn good profit. Investors consider this project very promising. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

The Sandbox

It’s a whole metaverse where you can play games that are available there or even build your own game. Choose the role you like most: a collector, an artist, or just a gamer. It is based on the ETH network. In the game, players use a crypto called Sand. You can purchase land in the metaverse.

Star Atlas

It’s one of the greatest games thanks to its superior-quality graphics that is developed on Unreal 5. Star Atlas is a meta-universe. Each item in the universe is digital. In this game, players can steal or lose items, which is one of the distinctive features of the game. Due to this, you can be sure that all the items that are located on the blockchain are insured in case of a loss. 

The Atlas game is worth your attention as all NFT games community feels impatient and want to play it. By the way, some have already started to buy tokens as their price is lower now. 

Ember Sword

Fans of traditional multiplayer games will be glad to play Ember Sword. There is much PVE and PVP content. One of the game features that make it different from other games is the possibility to purchase NFT estate. Choose the village or town you like and get the land.

The price for such an estate is like for a real one. The highest cost is up to 80 hundred USDC. You won’t see tokens in this game. What is the game value? These are NFTs and special items that have a digital form. You can invest in the NFT house or the whole village right away.

Final Thoughts 

NFT games have revolutionized the market., According to experts, it will develop in 2022. These are the most expected NFT projects for 2022. The games reviewed above are for players who want to make quick money on NFT as well as real connoisseurs of NFT games. You’re recommended to follow the latest top NFT collections and be the first one to learn about the best NFT games launched. Devote a couple of minutes to check a review of the NFT game you are interested in most before you get started. Your success depends on how well-informed you are.

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