Does your healthy hair dry faster or slower? Let me guide you about my strange hair and how I manage it.

There’s something strange about my hair. The reality of it is something I’ve gotten used to over the years. Several stylists have commented on it: “Wow!” “I like your hairstyle because your top is curly while your bottom is board straight.” Compared to the bottom half of my scalp, the top half of my scalp grows my hair differently.

I do, however, have fine hair throughout, even though I possess a lot of it. Due to my hair’s relative lightweight, it is extremely quick to dry when it comes to styling. 

It usually takes me less than a minute to dry my hair, whether I air dry or blow it dry. While we were kids, my girlfriends suffered from wet hair halfway through the day.

It takes my sister a little longer to blow-dry and straightens her hair each morning before work as her hair is the complete opposite of mine, like super thick, super dense.  When people ask me, “why does it take so long for my hair to dry?” I reply, “It depends on the situation.”

High Porosity Hair to Takes Forever to Dry Naturally

Hair is defined by its porosity as the ease at which water and chemicals can disperse into and out of it. A tightly bound cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair fiber that lies flat, indicates a relatively not highly porous.

In damaged hair, the cuticle layer is weak and has more porosity. Drying of porosity hair is very fast, while it takes much longer for non-porosity hair to dry. 

Hair that has a high porosity level is typically drier, frizzy, and tangles easily. Hair with high porosity typically dries very quickly.  In contrast, if your hair has low porosity, it seems your hair takes forever to dry. Despite the challenges of getting products into it, products once they’re in will stay for longer.

You cannot do much about your hair thickness, which is genetically determined. However, while porosity does have a genetic component (African American (black hair)tends to particularly have high porosity), it does have an environmental component.

Your Surroundings Matters Too

Yes, environmental factors, like the weather and the products you use, can affect how long it takes your hair to dry. It might seem like your hair is always damp if you live in a climate that is particularly humid, such as coastal Florida. It will also take longer for your hair to dry when it is cooler, rainier.

Los Angeles’ air could cause your hair to dry out more easily because of the chemicals in it. This might occur over time as your hair becomes more porous, which will cause it to dry out faster.

What to do if My Hair Takes Long to Dry?

If your hair has low porosity, perhaps it is thick as well, and it takes forever to dry, it may be due to its poor porosity. Please let me know how I can speed up the drying process of my hair. Making your hair high porosity is damaging if you have naturally low porosity hair and also maintain and control your hair thickness. 

There are a few tips and tricks you can use to solve your hair drying problem.

  • Wash your hair at night and leave it to dry naturally before you go to bed.
  • Using heavy shampoos and conditioners in the shower will cause your hair to weigh down and may reduce drying time.
  • You should initially towel dry your hair completely before you blow-dry or let it air dry.

The above methods will help you dry your hair faster and keep it healthy at the same time.

Low Porosity Hair Care Products

Why Does My Hair Take Longer to Dry or Dry so Fast?Why Does My Hair Take Longer to Dry or Dry so Fast?

Why Does My Hair Take Longer to Dry or Dry so Fast?Why Does My Hair Take Longer to Dry or Dry so Fast?

Why Does My Hair Take Longer to Dry or Dry so Fast?Why Does My Hair Take Longer to Dry or Dry so Fast?

Why Does My Hair Take Longer to Dry or Dry so Fast?Why Does My Hair Take Longer to Dry or Dry so Fast?

Dry Hair Care Tips

Does sponging curly hair damage them?

With this tool, curls become perfect coils, and growth is encouraged. A natural hair care approach will prevent your hair from being weakened and broken by a lifetime of chemical treatments. Hence sponging your hair does not damage your hair.

Is Flash Drying hair a good procedure?

During flash drying, the hair is constantly being dried by either direct or indirect heating from the dryer. The hottest air comes into contact with the wettest material, resulting in a concurrent dryer. Thus making your hair hard, brittle, and difficult to manage and it is not good practice.

Does water dry out your hair fast?

Yes, water may dry out your hair faster and can damage them too. There is this buildup of minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium. This dries out the hair, preventing moisture from penetrating. Thus, the hair ends up being dry and at risk of breaking

Does damaged hair take longer to dry?

In general, hair damage occurs when it is exposed to heat from hair drying tools like hairdryers, hair straighteners, and hair coloring, etc., which can make damaged hair dry longer. Because of all these factors, the porosity of the hair lowers, and the hair is damaged and will take much longer to dry.

How to get rid of low porosity hair?

In simple terms, porosity is the ability of hair to absorb water. If the porosity of the hair is low then it is difficult for nutrients and water to be absorbed and released from the hair. Direct heat can also cause low porosity, so use indirect heat to prevent this by using steam and hooded dryers. It allows the hair to absorb moisture by opening up the cuticles.

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