With their new Collectible Card Game – NFTs, Spellfire has taken the traditional Collectible Card Game and made it more modern. A first of its kind, Spellfire NFT cards are available both digitally and physically. OpenSea now is also offering its first Limited Edition Cards to the users.

We all know that collectible card games (CCG’s) tend to focus on fantasy, sports, science fiction, cartoons, and horror. In recent time, digital collectible cards have become increasingly popular among CCG players. Consequently, the once-only physical game now has a variety of uses.

Know your Spellfire NFT Card Game

In addition, the cryptocurrency emergency allowed CCG to further digitize. Non-fungible tokens are inherently the new focus in the crypto space, as a result, Spellfire was born bringing Crypto Currency Group (CCG) into the 21st century the digital century of NFTs.

With that said, Spellfire has returned as Spellfire Re-Master the Magic, a re-release of the former out-of-print collectible card game. With Spellfire Re-Master the Magic, you can take your classic card game and make it interesting with modern NFT technology.

A market value of 3118.03 million USD is expected for the global CCG market in 2020, which is predicted to surpass the last few years’ growth rates. With Spellfire’s introduction of NFTs, a visionary team such as Spellfire should be able to capture a fair amount of the market.

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Spellfire has announced its first 115 NFTs are now available for purchase on OpenSea as valuable collectibles. Each card was designed in order to provide collectors and players with a unique & premium experience.

In addition, each card includes a magical backstory that illustrates a world of mighty heroes and magical abilities. Additionally, players and collectors can customize their deck by purchasing magic spells, monsters, artifacts, and, heroes.

Spellfire has also introduced Augmented Reality capabilities, so that you can experience the cards as if they were really there.

Spellfire also incorporates the best features of technology into its wonderful deck of magic cards, as Play-to-Earn (P2E) features keep increasing. In addition to earning NFTs, Magic tokens were also a means of earning for its players.

In addition, owners of Original NFT cards will receive 90% of the profit from future sales of their cards under the player NFT program. When players play their cards, they earn Magic tokens. Therefore, as each player battles, the cards gain experience, also these Magic tokens are used to upgrade cards. As a result, the gameplay is more exciting, the value is increased, and there are deeper strategic considerations.

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic addresses all ages and includes a digital and physical medium of ownership of a card. The game is particularly enjoyed online with an opponent anywhere in the world or around a table with friends and family.

The world of Spellfire is powered by NFTs for everyone’s enjoyment. OpenSea is where you can learn more about the Spellfire universe.

Where Can I Buy Spellfire NFT Cards Online

Currently you can buy the cards from its website only, there are no other ways to buy the physical cards at the moment.

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Spellfire NFT game play to earn