Now there are people who want to get rid of the tan and there are some who want to get tan fast. But ever wonder why?

Some may need vitamin D to their body, some just want a brownish glowing body is what is adore the most on the western side of the world. They believe it is a mark of beauty and sex appeal, but if you want to get tan purposely is not good for your health. There are several ways to get tan faster, but some may be safe for your body.

Getting tan under the sun sometimes may not be safe, even applying sunscreen. Let us see some sun tanning tips to get tan fast.

How to Get Tan Faster

1. Sunscreen lotion:

You should always apply sunscreen to your body and face, it will protect you from UV rays an SPF 30 would do. Make sure you don’t use any tan oil from the market they will not protect you from the sun. Your sunscreen should be at least SPF 30 as it is strong enough to protect you from the UVA and UVB rays, but not so that you will not get tan. Make sure to apply sunscreen at least 20 min prior to the sun tanning session.

2. What to Eat for Getting Tan

Get tan fast, Food for tanning

You should consume foods that contain beta-carotene. It is derived from the Latin word for carrot. And yes, you should eat a carrot, sweet potatoes and kales can help your body get tan without burning.

Some more study should be done in this area, but one research shows that results from beta-carotene can help you lower the sun sensitivity in people with the photosensitive disease.

3. Different position

As the sun moves you should also change your position, if you are in a chair or laying down on a towel, you should change the position exposing different parts of your body. Which will also save you from being burnt at one single part of your body.

4. What is the Best Time for Getting Tan

You should go for sun tanning between 10 am to 4 pm if you want to get tan quickly. Though some dermatologist says do not get exposed to the sun during the peak hours it is bad for your skin. However, if you want to get tan faster, then you should hit the tanning session when the sun is strongest but with proper precautions.

5. Reflective sheets for Sun Tanning

This is a traditional method used to get tanned, this will reflect the sun on your body and used mostly get tanned on parts that are not exposed to the sun. There are many varieties of mirrors in the market.

6. Oils with Natural SPF

If possible, use natural oil that produces SPF. Oils from Carrots, Avocado, Coconut, Raspberry, can be used if you need an extra dose of hydration and SPF protection.

7. Eat lycopene-rich foods

It is said from small research happened back in 2001 and they found lycopene helps protect the skin naturally from the UV rays. Eg: Tomatoes, Guava, Watermelons.

8. Sun Tanning Preparation

When going out in the sun you should always make some preparation. Like you need to exfoliate your skin, like the skin which is not exfoliated may flake off and you will not get the tanning effect. Use Aloe Vera after sun tanning it will help you tan for a longer period.

Tanning bed Risks

You might have already heard that tanning beds are not safe. Tanning bed actually has more risks than tanning under the sun. Getting tan from the tanning beds is like exposing to more UVA & UVB rays which is not good for our body.

The research by WHO has said that tanning beds are carcinogenic. Harvard Health also says that the UVA rays emitted by the tanning beds are 3 times more than the actual tanning under the sun. Similarly, UVB rays are also more than that of actual brighter sun.

Tanning beds are more dangerous and should be avoided. To get tan faster one can use sun tanning sprays or lotion, which use dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to darken the skin.

Sun Tanning Lotion and Spray

8 Tips How To Get Tan Faster In the Sun & Safe8 Tips How To Get Tan Faster In the Sun & Safe
8 Tips How To Get Tan Faster In the Sun & Safe8 Tips How To Get Tan Faster In the Sun & Safe

What are Risk of Tanning

Getting tan may feel good but tanning has a lot of risks associated with it if not done properly. Tanning has more risks if you forgot to apply sunscreen. Let us see what risks it includes.

  • Hear rash
  • Sunburn
  • Premature skin ageing
  • Damaging eye
  • Immune system suppression
  • Dehydration
  • Melanoma and other skin cancers

What Precautions to be Taken Before Sun Tanning

You can make sun tanning safe if you do it for a short time. Keep in mind to drink a lot of water and apply sunscreen not less than SPF 30 before going outside. Things you should avoid doing during your tanning session.

  • Avoid sleeping
  • Avoid using Sunscreen less than SPF 30
  • Avoid drinking alcohol can be dehydrating

Do not forget to

  • Apply sunscreen 20min prior to sun tanning, and re-apply it every after 2 hours
  • Apply SPF to your toes, feet, ears, scalp, etc.
  • Change position in order to get tan evenly
  • Drink water, wear a hat, sunglasses protect it from the sun.

These are all the measures one should keep in mind to get tan safely. If I miss something you should commend in the comment box below.

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