I personally believe that skin care starts from the inside out, if you’re not eating healthy, drinking a lot of fluids any of that stuff, how you feed your body nutritionally. Water definitely plays a major role in your skin. Whatever you put on your skin you want to make sure that, it is nourishing your skin as well from the outside so I’m going to go ahead and just dive right into the products.

After Party or Universal Instant Makeup Remover

I found a product that literally does it all, it’s a three-in-one kind of product and that is the Green Clean makeup melt-away cleansing balm. This stuff is amazing by the way, this is by the brand Farmacy and what I really really about Farmacy is that they mix science with the farm.

decoding="async" border="0" src="//ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07CV28SSD&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=kaush-20&language=en_US" alt="8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow" title="8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow">8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow

So they use the most sustainable products, most pure products farm wise. But then they also use the science to kind of back it up and make sure they’re putting the right ingredients.

So that your skin is literally just like glowing and hydrated and healthy so it’s a really great concept. I really recommend this for your healthy and clear skin.

I’m pretty sure all the products to that I mentioned will be as cruelty-free, so if you have bought or going to buy the product, you will see it has an oily texture, it’s really nice because when you’re rubbing your face with it to take away the makeup, you’re not sitting there scrubbing your face and literally like being too harsh with your skin.

I feel like using makeup wipes, for example, you literally have to kind of, go kind of deep and scrub off your makeup, whereas this one kind of just glides off! So this one is really nice too.

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Because sometimes when I just take off my makeup with this, that’s all I do and my skin is just glowing. It’s moisturizing and it just literally melts the makeup away and I really really like it plus it smells so good.

It takes away your eye makeup as well, it’s just an all-around amazing product. I’m obsessed with this thing highly recommend.

Washing Your Face Thoroughly for Clear Skin

The next thing that I would want you to do is, wash your face! This one has not changed literally for year’s Purity by Philosophy this stuff has always been kind of my go-to.

8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow

Just because it is so pure there’s no fragrance in it so it’s not harsh chemicals on your skin, it’s just very simple and does the job. I mean it’s a great daily cleanser and because there are not that many chemicals in it, it just does a really good job.

At kind of clearing away all the dirt and bacteria that gets on your face during the day. Most celebrities use this product for keeping their skin healthy.

I just love this stuff so much it’s very light, which I really am not a fan of thick cleansers, I don’t know just the way this makes my skin feel it’s very clean and fresh and light.

Perfect Toner for Your Smooth Skin

So the next thing that I do is the toner. I do this occasionally I use toner whenever my skin is feeling a little bit rough or uneven. Just put Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner on a little cotton pad and glide up, I’ve heard that you’re supposed to glide up because your pores are something face down and when you glide up it literally cleans the pores.

I don’t know the science behind it but dermatologist once told me that.

The one that I recommend is the Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner.

8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow

So now every time when you clean your face clean it and glide up, this is really good at getting away like excess dirt that’s kind of stuck in your pores. it gives you a nice even tone, reduces your redness on your face, and it’s just a really good product to kind of give your face a nice refresher.

So let me give you guys the benefits of glycolic acid it says that it’s really good for exfoliation. it effectively removes the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion revealing brighter, fresher skin.

They are often used to treat scarring skin discoloration, and signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. I just think of this toner is definitely really important, especially if you wear makeup throughout the day. However, it’s just a really good way to kind of cleanse your face and get your skin nice and fresh again.

Taking Care of Your Skin with Exfoliator – A Super Power

So now this is a new product that I am literally obsessed with!!! So this is actually the highest-rated exfoliator on Sephora and Ulta. So I did my research I went to my dermatologist and she recommended this Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator.

8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow

These are amazing! So it’s actually in a powdered form, so it is kind of different it’s super super-pure, so there’s no fragrances or synthetic dyes or anything like that. You just have to put a little bit maybe half a teaspoon in your hand, and you add a little bit of water rub together until you get the foaming texture that you want.

and when you put it on your face, like most exfoliants have those really big beads in it and you can tell that it’s literally exfoliating your face this one doesn’t feel as harsh on your face.

So you feel like okay wait, is anything happening? But then you rinse it off your face, it literally feels so freaking soft. I cannot describe to you, how soft this makes my skin.

It’s amazing! I’m so glad I found this, and even though it was daily I do this about once or twice a week. Because I don’t think it’s fully in your face on a daily basis is really healthy for you. And I honestly have done a lot of research into exfoliant.

And when you have those beads it kind of like is too harsh on your skin, so this is just a great product and the reviews speak for themselves. Check out the reviews before you get it and it just speaks for itself. So this is a new product that I think is going to be a Holy Grail for sure.

Instant Care of Your Skin from Sun Damage

The next thing is also a new product, something that I make sure to get in my skin is vitamin C. because I have some skin damage I have some sunspots dark spots from the Sun.

listen to your MOM when you’re younger, when she tells you to wear sunscreen, please wear sunscreen. Because you’re going to regret it in the future I’m telling you guys right now.

Vitamin C is really really good for brightening your skin complexion and giving you a nice even tone.

Especially if you have like darker spots or sun damage, this one again is the highest rated vitamin C serum on Sephora.

It’s a Drunk Elephant vitamin C Serum This is the best used by celebrities for their skin care. so this one is really special. Because you actually have to leave it in the fridge, and it has the highest amount of vitamin C.

8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow

And like any skin care product that I’ve ever seen, which means it’s really good. Sometimes products will say something but then you read the ingredients and they’re promoting it as is the bottom of the ingredient list.

Which means it doesn’t even really have that much of what you were paying for. So this one is a little bit more expensive but it’s totally worth it, because of how high the vitamin C content is in here.

And you will definitely notice an improvement in your dark spots with this. so this one I just do kind of two pumps and I’ll put it on my face all over my face right after I clean off my face right in the morning, and I’ll put some on my chest as well.

Whatever you do to your face you’re also suited to your neck and your chest as well, so all these products I highly recommend. It says it diminishes the appearance of UV photodamage and aging and it just radiates my skin. Honestly again read the reviews before you get it and it just speaks for itself.

Effective Remedies to Take Care of Oily Skin

So the next product again is another new one this one is also very highly rated. I’m pretty sure another like top-rated product so this one is the Drunk Elephant Protein II Polypeptide Cream

8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow

So this is really nice because it has like it says 9 Peptides in it, which is so good for your skin and it strengthens your skin to make it firm and its eyes amazing. Recommended who are having super oily skin so it’s really hard to find daily moisturizers that aren’t super oily and this one just glides and makes your skin so soft.

Especially after you use the daily exfoliant. Guys, it is amazing Wow and again its super clean ingredients. My dermatologist totally approved of this. And it’s just an amazing product, I again feel this one’s going to be a Holy Grail of mine.

I’ve realized drunk elephant products are literally so good. If you guys are looking for like a skin care brand to kind of stick to, the drunk elephant has like the best.

Eye Cream for Wrinkle Free Eyes

Ask for eye cream, you should do honestly whenever you remember I think it’s really important to protect your under-eye area for like preventative measures when it comes to like wrinkles and such.

Obviously, when you get older you will have more wrinkles underneath your eye, I feel like I’ll switch up the product a little bit but moisturizing underneath your eyes super important just as a preventative measure.

The eye cream that I recommend been using for about a year, Is Benefit Cosmetics It’s Potent Eye Cream

8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow

And again one of the reasons why I chose this one was because it was the highest-rated on Ulta. And it’s just really nice it glides right really nicely under your eye it doesn’t burn your eye or anything like that.

So it’s a really great eye cream it also says that it right into your eye debate dark circles, so that’s just like an extra benefit.

Moisturize moisturize moisturize! every time I look up like people that are older, and they have skin care tips for you. They’re always first and foremost sunscreen and then secondly moisturizing your skin. Because I feel that’s going to be the best thing for your skin especially when we’re aging.

Super powerful effective Face mask for anti-aging

Ok so last but not least I’m going to tell you guys. I like face masks I’m not super picky with face masks. I can honestly use whatever one I want, I’m not super picky at all, but there was actually a YouTube video of a dermatologist in New York City that I watched.

She likes to use this product pretty much like twice or three times a day. And I was like if she uses it like fuck yeah I’m using it because first of all it’s super inexpensive you can get it at Target.

The ingredients are pretty clean and that’s the 8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow8 Celebrity Skin Care Routine That Everyone Should Follow

if I’m ever feeling I just want some plump in my skin and to get my skin nice and hydrated, if you are feeling dry or dull I would recommend you to use this face mask sleep in it overnight and you will feel so hydrated just nutrient-rich and I just freaking love it. And your skin will become so soft and you will love this product, it is amazing.

And if you have dry skin, I honestly recommend it I just look at the normal moisturizer. The dermatologist that was in that video, she used it twice or three times a day, like she really liked this product. so I don’t know I just think it’s a really nice cream super-rich, though it’s very thick.

so that is updated skin care routine dermatologists approved I’m also going to be doing a skin care treatment, if any of you guys suffer with like dark spots, do the IPL treatment.

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