You know, as a curly girl, you have to use curly hair products, gels, and do a variety of other things to keep your hair looking great. Everyone has their own approach that they swear by, but there is one method on which the majority of people can agree.

You dry your curls with a diffuser so that they are beautiful, defined, and frizz-free. Here’s an easy guide that will have you loving your curls in no time! If you don’t know how to diffuse curly hair. 

How to Diffuse Curly or Wavy Hair Step-by-step 

Curly hair requires a whole different approach to drying. Using an air dryer, curly hair loses definition. You will end up with frizzy, tangled hair if you blow-dry without a diffuser attachment.

You direct your hair dryer’s airflow through a perforated round cup or bowl attached to its nozzle with a diffuser. In this way, the air is distributed over a larger area of hair rather than targeted with a blow-dryer nozzle. Curls are kept bouncy and frizz-free with this attachment.

The First Thing to Diffuse your Hair?

Taking care of your curls also involves how you wash your hair. Ensure that the shampoo and conditioner you’re using are specifically designed for curly hair. A number of shampoos contain ingredients that are extremely drying to the hair and strip it of its natural oils. 

You can use a curl-enhancing conditioner after shampooing your hair. For this purpose, the Swizzle Detangling Brush is considered to be an excellent brush that can also be used in the shower. You can maintain your curls by brushing the conditioner through your hair. 

Drying your curls the Right Way

You should use the right towel to dry your hair after you have washed and conditioned it. Avoid using a terrycloth towel to dry your curls as this will cause excessive frizz. Alternatively, you may purchase a towel that is specifically designed to dry curly hair.

If you are drying your hair, do not rub the towel against your hair. With your towel or t-shirt, squeeze or pat your curly hair until it is no longer soggy. Drying your curls this way will help them to retain their natural shape.

Curl Enhancing Product

The next step is to apply a curl-enhancing product. It depends on your preferences whether you prefer gel, mousse, or cream. Make sure to apply the product gently and evenly throughout the curls in a scrunching motion. When you begin drying your curls, a gel or mousse will help create and maintain their definition.

Before diffusing, you might want to let your hair air dry for 30 minutes to an hour. You can also start diffusing right away. Check out a few different methods to see which works best for your curls.

How to diffuse hair?

Using a t-shirt or hair towel, gently scrunch dry your hair one more time if it is still mostly wet. 

Dry your roots by setting the diffuser to high heat and hovering it over your hair. The heat setting on the diffuser is too high for now, so do not touch your hair with it. As a result, hover-drying will speed up the drying process drastically.

Make sure you move the diffuser around your head and do not hold it in one spot for longer than 10-20 seconds. As an alternative to holding the dryer, you can prop it up on the edge of a table or bed to relieve your arms.

Upon feeling that the roots of your hair are dry and that the gel or mousse has begun making your hair crunch, you are ready to continue diffusing different parts.

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Set the speed to medium and the heat setting to medium or low. If you want more volume, you can tilt your head upside or bend your head to the side. As you accordion curly hair into the diffuser cup, hold it for 10 seconds. Move to a new area and cup your curls once more in the diffuser bowl.

Make sure all the curls are at least 80% dry before continuing. Depending on your coils, you may want to completely dry them, so try both and see which you prefer.

Slowly, your curls will begin to shrink and become more defined and shiny. In summer, I take 30 minutes, and in winter I take 40-50 minutes.

Hair Diffuser Products

Diffuse curly hair without frizz

Hair Diffusing Benefits

  • Increase in volume by 40% compared to air drying.
  • Help reduce frizz.
  • If you’re stepping out into humid, tropical weather, be sure your curls are dry.
  • Drying them doesn’t take a whole day!
  • You can blow dry your wavy and curly hair safely by using this method.
  • Waves or curls are encouraged/enhanced.
  • People with flat crowns will benefit from it.
  • For girls whose long, curly hair takes FOREVER to dry, this is a lifesaver!
  • Achieves maximum shine & bounce.
  • It minimizes the effects of heat.

Some tips to remember

If you have back problems, you may find it uncomfortable to bend for several minutes with your hair flipped forward. This is something I know from experience. During that time, place your diffuser on your bed and rest your neck on it.

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