Most people who take on their curly hair journey have ambitions to achieve ultimate ringlets or maximum volume; however, they soon discover that healthy hair is the most important goal. If you are a curly hair girl then taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of your body when it comes to thicker, shinier, bouncy hair.

I have put together a feast of products for curly people to nourish, feed, and style their hair to get healthy, vibrant curls, coils, and waves.

To move ahead we would like you to remember some following things. When you’re not clear on your routine, don’t get overwhelmed by the products you’re supposed to buy. You should first determine what hair type you have.

Those with very lightly curly or wavy hair (2B, 2C, 3A) just need to start from there. 

  • 1 Sulphate/clarifying shampoo (for detoxification)
  • 1 Sulphate free shampoo (regular use)
  • 1 Moisturizing conditioner
  • 1 leave-in conditioner or a mousse (spray or mist)
  • 1 Gel (flaxseed gel can work)

And for those who have more curly hair like shown in the picture below then you will need these products.

  • 1 Sulphate/clarifying shampoo (for detoxification)
  • 1 Sulphate free shampoo (regular use)
  • 1 Moisturizing conditioner
  • Curl cream or a leave-in conditioner for (very thick or very curly 3B hair)
  • 1 Gel (flaxseed gel can work)

Please note that keratin treatments, smoothing’s, cysteine or straightening’s won’t yield great results since your hair has been chemically altered.

Best Clarifying Shampoos for Curly Hair

Using a shampoo isn’t as important as using a conditioner for wavy-curly hair. Good shampoos won’t dry out your hair too much.

The best clarifying shampoos contain no silicones and sulfates – this helps you eliminate buildup and thoroughly clean your hair.

Before switching to shampoo without sulfates, you should do one last wash with a clarifying shampoo. This is the first step to getting started with CG Friendly.

You should clarify your hair once a month or once every 2-3 weeks to keep it shiny and absorb products better. Especially if you have curly hair, clarify frequently! These are great products for Hawaiian & Brazilian curly hair too.

Best CG-Friendly Shampoo for Curly Hair Girl

Shampoo for Curly Hair Below $15

Shampoo for Curly Hair Below $25

Cowash For Curly Hair & Wavy Hair

The term “co-washing” means to wash your hair exclusively with conditioner, which leaves your hair softer and more hydrated than shampoo alone. Unlike a conditioner, it contains ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

This is a good solution for people who need to wash their hair too often or who need to wash it frequently. If you have Hawaiian, Indian & Brazilian curly hair these are great products.

Cowash For Curly Hair & Wavy Hair below $10

Cowash For Curly Hair & Wavy Hair below $30

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If you want to maintain the health of your natural hair, you should use a conditioner. Conditioning products that are thick, creamy, and moisturizing will penetrate your hair and form a protective layer.

Make 2-3 sections of your hair and apply conditioner generously. Then, gently detangle from the bottom up with a wide-toothed comb and your fingers. Beginners tend to use a small amount of conditioner – you need a lot – you should be a bit scared at the amount in your hand!

Deep Conditioners for Thick Curly Hair & Wavy Hair

The deep conditioner is a very powerful conditioner. A deep conditioner penetrates further into the hair strand than a normal conditioner. 

Alternatively, if your hair is very dry and coarse, you can use a deep conditioner instead of a regular conditioner. I mean that you can switch conditioners and deep conditioners in your routine if you want.

To keep curls healthy and defined, deep conditioning should be performed once a week if you suffer from dryness and frizz. These are great products that work well with Hawaiian, Brazilian & Indian curly hair.

Deep Conditioners for Curly Hair Below $10

Deep Conditioners for Curly Hair & Wavy Hair below $20

Leave-in Conditioner Spray For Thick Curly Hair & Wavy Hair

What will you do after you’ve washed your hair to ensure it won’t frizz up too much? Leave-in conditioners are great for this! 

Leave-in conditioners are moisturizing products designed to be left in the hair. Curly hair can be styled in SO MANY ways with leave-in conditioners and other products!

Mousse for Curly & Wavy Hair (Volume Mousse)

Boosting volume and giving a soft definition is the purpose of mousses, which are airy, foamy styling products. If you have a flat crown, these products will assist in lifting it up.

For wavy hair, mousse is a great alternative to leave-in conditioner sprays. Great products suit Brazilian, Hawaiian & Indian curly hair too. Great products suit Brazilian, Hawaiian & Indian curly hair too.

Mousse for Curly & Wavy Hair Below $10

Mousse for Curly & Wavy Hair Below $20

Cream & Butter for Curly Hair Girl

Creams designed for curly hair tend to be much thicker and richer in consistency and provide the greatest amount of moisture. Butters are common ingredients in most of them, so they can be too rich for light waves and curls.

Ensure you experiment with the quantity of curly hair cream you use and other products in your routine – some hair types require only a small amount, others need a lot!

The purpose of a leave-in conditioner is to hydrate and moisturize, while the purpose of curl creams is to hold and define. This industry often uses both leave-in conditioners and curl creams interchangeably – i.e., some do both works.

Cream & Butter for Curly Hair Below $10

Gels For Curly & Wavy Hair

In most cases, a gel is applied last. Providing there are no drying alcohols as ingredients, it is great for curly hair.

The Gel forms a protective hard cast that protects your curls from humidity and keeps them super defined. A gel is one of my favorite products. Because it extends the time between washes, my curls stay hydrated and happy.

Gels for Curly Hair Below $10

Gels for Curly Hair Below $20

Oils For Curly Hair

Using oils properly is essential for curly hair to thrive. If you want to wash your hair properly, you shouldn’t soak your hair in oil overnight.

Instead, massage the top of your head with the oil once a month and concentrate on the ends the rest of the time, coating the length lightly. As a result, you’ll have to shampoo more vigorously to get rid of the oil and your hair will end up dryer!

Essential oils can also be used, but you should mix them with carrier oils and test them on a small skin patch before you apply them to your scalp. Best oils for Indian, Brazilian & Hawaiian hair too.

Oils for Curly Hair Below $20

Oils for Curly Hair Below $50

Curly Hair Accessories /Products

You will enjoy having these other products in your arsenal, in addition to the usual! We suggest caps that will protect your curls at night, spray bottles for reviving your hair on days when you haven’t washed it, and detangling/styling brushes that will thoroughly define your curls without causing damage!

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Best Diffusers For Curly Hair

It is a device that attaches to your hairdryer and accelerates the drying process. Unlike a traditional hairdryer, it distributes the airflow evenly so as not to damage natural hair.

Curly Hair Girl Products CG Friendly Hair Care for Brazallian, Haiwaiian Indian Hair