Decentralized exchanges are the only way to purchase some cryptocurrencies, such as HumanDAO. The first step to buy HumanDAO is to buy Ethereum (ETH), then using ETH you can purchase HumanDAO. A self-custody wallet is what you need for this. If you are a US, UK or IND resident, this is how you can do it using Coinbase & Binance or Binance US.

How to Buy HumanDAO $HDAO token using Coinbase & Binance US

Step 1: If you don’t have an account then Download any application from this link Coinbase or Binance US or Binance app. For Coinbase you will definitely receive $10 if you download the app from a link shared above or with the below referral code. And if asked for a referral code for Coinbase – 9X5FH9 & Binance US or Binance – use this referral code when installing the application or signing up to receive rewards.

Then fill all your details with a strong password including lower and upper case words and special characters. You can register your mobile number to receive OTP code and then later you will need to download another app i.e.: google authenticator that is for security purposes.

Step 2: Then once you have installed any of the apps mentioned above you need to complete KYC and then you can buy ETH in Binance US or Coinbase to buy HumanDAO HDAO token.

Step 3: Download Coinbase wallet setup your wallet fill your information with a private key. Go to your Coinbase app search for HumanDAO you will get the button to buy from Coinbase wallet press it and it will take you to the wallet and then choose ETH to convert your ETH to HumanDAO $HDAO token. 

Step 4: If you already have Binance US or Binance app you just need to transfer your ETH in Coinbase wallet and then navigate to Trade at the bottom of the app then choose the coin you want to convert in our case it will be ETH coin and choose the coin you want to swap with, so here you can search for HumanDAO token and once you find it you can click on it and then you select the amount/ETH you need to swap and make the transaction.

This can be the next big crypto that can go +100x within a few months, just like Axie Infinity pay to earn a metaverse game. If you are looking to invest in crypto this can be your good opportunity. 

These are the simple steps you can buy HumanDAO from USA, UK, IND or any where in the world.

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What is HumanDAO $HDAO Token

Directly jumping into how and where to buy HumanDAO $HDAO token, let us see what HDAO and how it works and its future. HDAO, an upcoming governance token, will be sold in a public sale by HumanDAO on Dec.1, a decentralized autonomous organization connecting players and digital asset owners. 

In play-to-earn titles, users can use the platform to borrow, sell, and rent valuable in-game assets and tokens to generate revenue. Platform users will be able to rent out their digital gaming assets and turn a passive income through the DAO while players in emerging economies will be able to access in-game assets that might otherwise be unavailable due to price appreciation.

Unlike other play-to-earn DAOs, HumanDAO will distribute a greater proportion of tokens to its community than to its founding team at launch, and those tokens will be distributed over a longer period than those issued to its competitors.

According to a post shared exclusively, HDAO will allocate 55% of its supply over 10 years to ensure future underserved communities will have an opportunity to participate. 

Currently, HumanDAO is deciding which platform will host the sale. As part of the bonus program, token holders will receive an additional 20% in rewards. HDAO holders will also receive staking rewards.

The HDAO token is described by HumanDAO as “an entry point to the metaverse,” serving as both a metaverse index and a jobs board.

Play-to-earn HumanDAO Game Earning Passive Income

The majority of HumanDAO’s revenue comes from lending and renting its in-game assets.

A player who rents these assets keeps 70% of revenues generated by the in-game items. 15% of profits are given to the DAO itself, and another 15% goes to “managers – people who deal with onboarding and training new players.” 

In addition to the hundreds of digital assets currently being lent, HumanDAO says merchandising, royalty payments, and esports may also generate revenue in the future.

Diversifying yield generation and utilizing DeFi protocols are the ways the DAO manages its treasury. A token holder can propose and vote on how the funds will be allocated as well.

The assets of HumanDAO are controlled by a multisignature wallet owned by seven different respected entities in DeFi, including BanklessDAO, Enzyme, and Defi Dad. In order to enact governance, four of the seven signatures need to be present.

Play-to-earn games will be targeted by the network, which will use a subDAO structure for each title. HDAO tokens will be used within subDAOs with unique governance structures.

Play-to-earn gaming may offer economically marginalized communities permissionless income generation opportunities as more than 2 billion people live on less than $5 per day, asserts the team.

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