CoolMining is a simulation game that utilizes the real-life strength of hash power to generate coins. NFTs backed by real life assets are used for the first time in a Gamefi project. Players can take part in the process of creation, stakers, miners, and owners of mining sites. Before jumping into how to buy CoolMining tokens, Cooha let us see what the game is about.

CoolMining was launched in Q4 of 2021 and completed its game contract and tokens in Dec 2021. They are making development at a very good speed, they have already launched the game CoolMining in Q1 of 2022. They are looking at DeFi integration in Q2 of 2022 and their future plans will be released soon. 

What is the CoolMining Game? How to Generate Rewards?

The CoolMining simulation world allows players to use a variety of ways to acquire computing power. In addition, players are able to take on various roles to view the mining industry from multiple perspectives. 

The goal of CoolMining is to maximize computing power, which is equivalent to real-world hashrate, which will generate BTC rewards through the use of resources.

Gamifying the mining process allows players to not only interact with the mining process in a fun environment, but also harness their imagination to create mining rigs they have never seen before. Make money and enjoy the joy of creation.

How to Earn in the CoolMining Game?

You can trade mystery boxes, mining accessories, and miners on the Marketplace. 

You can provide the service for hosting and from that you will be able to earn rewards.

You can create your own mining rig in a virtual world to accelerate the mining hashrate bonus.

You can be a cloud miner by staking tokens to earn daily rewards in BTC.

CoolMining Cooha token Buy oolMining token

CoolMining (Cooha) Partners?

CoolMining is partnered with some of the good organizations in the industry, these are Cannan, whatsminer, Bitmain, KuCoin Pool, MojitoSwap, and KCC and audited by Certik. 

How to Buy CoolMining Cooha Tokens?

Step 1: If you don’t have an account then Download any application from this link Binance , Coinbase or KuCoin app. You will receive $5-$10 each, for Coinbase you will be guaranteed to receive $10 if you download the app from a shared link. And if asked for a referral code for Binance – 26712751, Coinbase – 9X5FH9, KuCoin – rB1668G Use these referral code when installing the application or signing up to receive rewards.

How to Buy CoolMining (Cooha) Token a Simulation Game

Then fill all your details with a strong password including lower and upper case words and special characters. You can register your mobile number to receive OTP code and then later you will need to download another app i.e.: google authenticator that is for security purposes.

Step 2: Then once you have installed any of the apps mentioned above you need to complete KYC and then you can buy BTC or ETH to buy CoolMining Cooha token.

Step 3: Download Trust wallet or Metamask and transfer your coins like USDC, KCS or BTC or ETH if you have Metamask wallet and then transfer your funds from your exchange to these wallets. Please take the network address in consideration otherwise your funds will be lost. 

Step 3: Then the next step is to connect your wallet to MojitoSwap wallet to trade CoolMining Cooha Token. You can copy and paste this address 0xd0F2e8CF77C1d3DCC4d2d03f99D959bb5cE496BF to buy CoolMining token. You can see the token name below.

How to Buy CoolMining (Cooha) Token a Simulation Game

Step 4: Then you can select the token and select the coin from which coin you need to swap the tokens. You can see the KCS token is selected, if you have bought ETH, BTC, USDT or other coin then you can select that coin. (I have not connected any wallet hence in the image you can see the connect wallet button once the wallet is connected to Trust or Metamask wallet it will then change it to Buy/Swap coin button)

How to Buy CoolMining (Cooha) Token a Simulation Game