Moles can appear anywhere on your body, and sometimes it becomes uncomfortable or irritated with those black spots appearing on your skin. A lot of us want to get rid of moles on skin fast by some surgery, but they can become costly. There are some home remedies to remove moles from your skin.

Most moles are not harmless, and you should not be worried about them they will not bother you at all. Some moles can be cancerous, but you can remove them with surgery, and they can be covered in your insurance, you will not have to pay anything. Always do check with a dermatologist if the mole changes the color or starts appearing on different parts of your body.

There are a lot of techniques to remove moles off your skin, but some methods can be harmful. Let us see what are unproven methods that can be harmful to you.

  • Using apple cider vinegar to burn your mole.
  • Using garlic to remove the mole.
  • Killing the cells of a mole by applying Iodine to the skin.
  • Using a razor to remove your mole or scissors to remove the mole.

There are some popular home remedies to remove a mole at home, although these are not very effective methods to remove the mole and one should follow proper precautions before following any method. These methods may irritate, damaging the surrounding skin.

Methods to Get Rid of Moles on Skin


Applying garlic juice may remove your mole on your skin, due to enzymes that may dissolve the mole cells and destroy them. It may cause skin burns too.

Lemon Juice

Garlic to get rid of mole on skin

Some people believe that applying lemon juice may bleach the mole and make it less obvious to your eyes.


potatoes for mole

Potatoes contain natural bleaching contents, it will help you to fade off your mole but may not completely remove it from your skin

Flaxseeds Oil

flaxseeds to remove mole

There are some reports on flaxseeds that the oil heals cuts and other lacerations. And people have been using it to get rid of dark spots from their skin.

Banana Peel

banana peel to remove mole on skin

Some people believe that banana peel may remove the mole from your skin, but the only benefit is it acts as a moisturizer.

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Coconut Oil

coconut oil to remove mole on skin

Coconut oil will help you with other skin issues but there is no such study that proves to remove the mole. Though some people believe the mole size reduces when you use coconut oil daily.


Honey to remove mole

Honey contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, people believe applying honey daily to the moles fades them away.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil to remove mole on skin

 It is well researched essential oil used to cure a lot of skin issues due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Some people believe applying this oil daily and for a longer period can cause the mole to disappear.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera to remove mole on skin

Aloe Vera comes with many benefits for your skin and hair. Some people believe that applying aloe vera gel over the mole for some days may get rid of moles.

Baking Soda & Castor Oil

baking soda to remove mole on skin

Mixing these 2 ingredients creates a great formula that may remove your moles if applied for a longer period. Baking soda dries the mole and castor oil protects your skin.

Remedies to avoid for removing a mole

You should remember that there must be a medical assistance for removing the mole and remember that a home remedy will not remove a cancerous mole.

If you are looking to get rid of your mole then you should consult the doctor and the doctor will check if the mole is cancerous and accordingly guide you the procedure to remove the mole.

People should consult a doctor before using any cream available near your shops, as it may leads to damaging your skin more than removing your mole.

If you are using any home remedy to remove the mole and if that causes some reaction then you should stop it at once, as your skin might turn red, you will feel itching, can cause infections etc.

When to see the Doctor

People should see a dermatologist before using any home remedy to remove the mole. If you see any changes in your mole or below signs, then you should see the dermatologist or a doctor.

  • Irregular Shape
  • Irregular Borders
  • Rapidly Changing Shape or Size
  • Changing Colors
  • Diameter Larger Than ¼ Inch


Home remedies are not much effective or not very well researched and may offer risks of damaging your skin.

One should never use any home removal methods to remove the mole, you should always consult a dermatologist as he may give you proper treatment examining the mole.

Visiting doctors may not be cost effective for everyone, but they should research the remedy before starts using it on your skin. You may welcome side effects and other infections that may further damage your skin.

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