The Dominican Blowout and Silk Press both are very popular natural hair straightening methods. Both leave dense, highly textured hair that was previously labelled as “difficult to straighten” with more motion and finesse than most other temporary straightening procedure.

What is Silk Press Hair Straightening Methods?

The silk press was developed in 2010 and it was a temporary hair straightening method. Hybrid of hot-press or the hot comb technique. And Dominican blowout is more of a flat iron tool for straightening, as it differs from others.

Silk Press and Dominican Blowout is mostly followed a similar process to straighten the hair. The Dominican method was first introduced in New York in the late 90s & early 2000s. Before that, the process used to be done on pressing hot combs or flat irons with pressing creams or heavy greases and that used to leave the hair heavy and stiff.

What is Dominican Blowout Hair Straightening Methods?

The Dominican Blowout is the Dominican Republic’s classic way of straightening the hair. The procedure is not changed after decades from the day it was introduced.

Dominican Blowout vs Silk Press which is Safe to Straighten your Hair

Dominican Blowout or Silk Press both are safe methods for your hair but that depends mostly on your hairdresser and her techniques and tools she uses.

But there are mostly some differences with these methods between Dominican Blowout & Silk Press. Mostly Silk Press is the process where it is blow-dried the wet hair, which means this process possess more risk of damage by ‘bubble hair’.

Bubble hair happens when you blow-dry your hair over a certain period and temperature. The boils in your hair create bubble-shaped cavities before evaporation happens. It is a type of damage that happens to your hair making it brittle and weakens your hair with just one use of the blow-drying process.

On the contrary, the Dominican blowout process does not follow the same procedure of direct heating your hair and has less risk to your hair with ‘bubble hair’. The dryer should not be used on a max level your hairdresser should know this point. The best thing is to blow dry your hair on dry hair as it possesses less risk of hydrothermal damage to your hair.

 The Silk press can be done in 2 ways it uses direct heat by the blow dryer and then the flat iron through straightening your hair. This increases your hair risk exposing them to the heat and that may damage your hair. The damage is also depending on your hairstylist and the settings used to blow dry your hair.

On the other hand with Dominican blowout, the risk is lower than Silk press as it is done on dry hair exposing less risk of hair damage by the heat.

Which Process Damages less Hair Silk Press or Dominican Blowout

The Silk press damages more heat and damages your hair, the heat is used on direct hair by blow-drying them also flat ironing for straightening your hair. Silk press exposes the blow-dry is done on wet hair thus damages. This is also depending on your settings used and the hairdresser.

With the Dominican blowout method, the blow-dry is used on dry hair as it lowers the risk of hair damage.

The damage is also determined by your hair resistance too, how much resistance it can take at what heat settings. If your hair is weak it will get damage with low settings too.

Tools used for Straightening your Hair

Even the hair straightening tools makes a big difference in straightening your hair that cause less damage or give good effect. For the Dominican blowout, the blowout is done with a round hairbrush that adds volume and movement to the hair. Though the stylish should be professional and her round brush using skills should be smooth.

Rozia Pro Boar Bristles Round Hairbrush

Tools used for Dominican Blowout vs Silk Press Hair

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

Dominican Blowout vs Silk Press Hair Straightening Guide

Brazilian Blowout Hair Serum

Dominican Blowout vs Silk Press Hair Straightening Guide

Straight Silk Spray with Moroccan Argan Oil

Dominican Blowout vs Silk Press Hair Straightening Guide

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Which Hair Straightening Method Adds more Volume

Speaking of the volume Dominican blowout hair straightening method adds more volume to the hair compared to the Silk press. As the flat ironing method of Silk press will make your hair thinner and flat.

Flat irons compress hair to straighten it, flattening the fibres with each step, robbing hair of the volume you’d get from simply blow drying it.

How much Time does the Silk Press take?

This is very generic, but it depends on a lot of factors stylish speed, the type of press, how long is your hair, what is your hair resistance. If you are going to do deep conditioning, shampooing, flat ironing, blow-drying it could take near about 2hrs to straighten your hair with the Silk press method.

How much Time does the Dominican Blowout take?

Allow at least 3 hours for a Dominican Blowout on shoulder length (stretched) natural hair that involves clarifying, deep conditioning, roller setting, blowdrying, Doobie, and finish.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Silk Press Hair Straightening

This method can get your curly hair tight straight and makes it shiny as it involves movement and smoothness compared to the traditional straightening method. The method is quick compared to Dominican blowout, as the steps are fewer.

The disadvantage in this process involves more heat to your hair that may damage your hair. The blow-dry is done on wet hair that leads to bubble hair damage. A less volume can be experienced as the movement is also low with no deep conditioning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dominican Blowout Hair Straightening.

It will give more straight compared to the previously hair straightening method. It gives good volume to your hair also involves movement at the end. Direct heat is not applied to hair that reduces the risk of damaging the hair. Conditioner is used to make hair healthier and smoother look.

The disadvantage in this method takes more time to straighten your hair also the duration is less compared to the Silk press method. (1-2 weeks vs 1-4 weeks for Silk press)

Silk press vs Flat iron: Minor Differences

Regarding hair specifically, another confusing aspect is the difference between silk presses and flat irons. There can be subtle differences, but you need to understand the purpose and characteristics of anything before you try it out – especially in terms of beauty. 

In a nutshell, one is a tool, whereas the other is a treatment. The flat iron, or straightener, is the tool, and it is capable of far more than its name implies. It’s likely that you already have this device at home to straighten out your hair, curl, wave, and crimp it.

On the other hand, a silk press is a procedure that is typically done in a salon, and involves the use of a flat iron. It is mainly used to straighten natural hair, which is wavy or curly. It incorporates several steps.

 Silk pressing has been around for a long time, but we got its name from its ability to transform coily hair into a silky look without the use of chemicals or smoothing agents.

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