Crochet hair or curled hair attached to natural hair is known as Cuban twist hair. Besides enhancing your appearance, this hair has other functions. Cuban twists are good because they act as a protective shield for natural hair.

To have Cuban flavors for yourself, you may use a variety of methods. In addition, you can use a variety of colors. Generally, most people choose black. Pink, red, blue, or green may also be available besides black. 

In this article, we present a few Cuban Twists ideas that you might use.

Why Is Everyone in Love with a Cuban Twist?

People are very conscious of how they take care of their hair these days. While protecting their hair, they also want a great hairdo. A Cuban twist hairstyle provides both protection and style. A person’s natural hair is protected by this hair design, which uses natural fibers as hair extensions.

The Cuban or Havana twist is longer than the Marley twist. These twists both serve the same purpose, namely to protect the natural hair underneath them. But, there is one major difference between them. Unlike the Cuban twist, the Marley twist is significantly thinner.

There are numerous things to consider when doing this hair style for yourself. Facial structure is an important factor that many people overlook. People tend to focus so much on their hairstyles and hair quality that they forget about their faces.

When choosing Cuban twist hair, consider your facial shape. Your facial shape may differ from the hairstyle idea you’re considering. As a result, you should consult with your stylist to see if the same style will suit your face as well.

You may buy these hair extensions by going to a salon and purchasing the ones that are used and recommended by the stylists there. You may also buy it online to get the variety and the style that suits your style. If you are looking for a wig or hair extension or tape rolls for hair check out Newtimeshair.

Some moisturizing cream and other hair treatments are also necessary to keep your twists in good condition.

Cuban Twist Extensions with Different Colors and Length

Black Cuban Twist Hair 8 Inch 3 Packs, 1B#

Red Cuban Twist Braid 16 inch

Light Brown Cuban Twist Hair 24 Inch and 16 Inch

CUBAN TWIST 24 Inch FreeTress

Red Cuban Twist Kinky Hair 

Best Cuban Twist Crochet Hair: Hairstyles & Hair color Best Cuban Twist Crochet Hair: Hairstyles & Hair color 
Best Cuban Twist Crochet Hair: Hairstyles & Hair color Best Cuban Twist Crochet Hair: Hairstyles & Hair color 

Havana Twist Style Cuban Twist 16 Inch

Double Strand Style Cuban Twist Braid 24 inch

Best Cuban Twist Crochet Hair: Hairstyles & Hair color Best Cuban Twist Crochet Hair: Hairstyles & Hair color 
Best Cuban Twist Crochet Hair: Hairstyles & Hair color Best Cuban Twist Crochet Hair: Hairstyles & Hair color 

The Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Cuban Twist Hairstyle

Before getting your haircut, there are a few things you need to be aware of and make sure are taken care of, as was said before. However, these are not the only things that you need to keep in mind. When having a Cuban twist hair design, in addition to these steps, there are some things you should and should not do with your hair.

When you get a hairstyle like this for yourself, there are some things you shouldn’t do to your hair. If you want to enjoy having it for a long time and have fun with it, then you shouldn’t do the things with your hair that are listed below.


  • When getting this haircut done, be sure to wash your hair well. Come to your appointment with freshly cleaned hair; the hairdresser will enjoy it more. Both of you would benefit from the time savings.
  • Make a list of the different hairstyles you’d want to see done to your hair and bring it with you. It will be easier for your stylist to develop the look for you if they see a sample.
  • Don’t settle for the first hairdresser you come across; keep looking until you find the right one. It’s always a good idea to shop around and see what you can get for your money. When you’re completely happy with a person, only visit them.


  • Do not be afraid to speak out during the design process. Your stylist should know if something doesn’t feel quite right. Let your thoughts and feelings be known without restraint.
  • The twists in your hair should appear natural on you. Make sure that you don’t obtain any twists that are too tight for your head. They have the potential to damage your hair as well as detract from the overall aesthetic of your face. There is a greater risk of hair breaking if the twist is excessively tight.
  • You must adhere to a strict timetable when doing the Cuban twist hairstyle. You should retain these twists in your hair for a length of time, like many cosmetic and aesthetic operations. Hair Stylists recommend keeping them for at least 6 weeks.

When getting Cuban Twists Crochet hair, what type of hair should you use?

It is important that the hair you utilize for this hairstyle be of high quality, as the design calls for it to be. Low-quality products may cause damage to your scalp and sometimes even your face.

Freetress synthetic hair is available in Kanekalon hair fiber, so you may choose this option. They mimic the look of real hair and are simple to apply. 

Marley hair from companies like Baisai may be used to create a bubble ponytail. Kanekalon fibers are used to make this product, which has a kinky hair type. In addition, you’ll get crocheted gigantic Havana hair that you may utilize in your hairstyles. 

You can get these hair styles on Amazon easily with hair accessories with hair rings.

For a Cuban twist, how many packs of hair do you need?

The hair packs that you need for these different haircuts are determined by the look that you choose. Some people like a more understated look, while others are drawn to more dramatic hairdos. 

The product itself is another factor that plays a role in determining the hair packs, in addition to the hairdo. Some items have a fiber quality that is more thick, while others have a quality that is more thin.

If you use cuban twist crochet packets, then you may expect the finished product to seem more professional. If the hairstylist is going to execute the style on your hair utilizing Marley hair, then you will end up with a bohemian appearance.

Be aware that the amount in each pack will be different when you purchase it. For instance, if you purchased the normal Kanekalon hair, you would receive 14 separate packs of hair. More than five or seven packets of hair will be included in the Cuban twist hair.

Because Kanekalon hair fibers are heavier than other types of hair fibers, you need to give great consideration to whether or not you actually want to use them. You should choose those packs that are made of lighter fibers if you don’t want your head to feel too heavy when you wear it.

How Long Will My Cuban Twist Last?

If you choose a good product for your hair, it will last longer than 4 weeks. How your hairstylist puts in your Cuban twists can also affect how long they last. If they did a good job on your hair, you should expect it to last less than 10 weeks and close to 6 weeks.

You should remove these extensions from your hair and scalp after this time period. If you wear them for a long period of time, your hair is at risk of being damaged. There is a possibility that your hair will dry out over a longer length of time. Hair breakage is more likely if the environment is more dry.

What is the Difference Between Marley Twist vs Cuban Twist hair?

Hairstyles like Marley twists and Cuban twists are quite similar. Thickness is a key distinction between these two haircuts. When compared to Marley hair, Cuban twists are thicker and bigger.

It’s not lightweight, but it’s also heavier than Marley hair or Cuban twist hair. After a thorough wash, both of these hair packs can be re-used.

Cuban twists are more expensive than Marley hair in most regions. Each box of hair costs the same price. As an illustration, consider spending $14 for a single pack. You’d have to shell out almost $100 for all 7 packs.

On the other hand, each pack of Marley costs $5. If you select the same quantity of packets as before, then the total price will be close to $35 for you.

Is It Possible to Wash Cuban Twist Crochet Hair?

Your hair may be washed while it still has Cuban twists in it. Don’t use too much pressure when washing your hair. Wash your hair gently to prevent damage to the extensions or twists.

It is essential that you use the correct shampoos for your Cuban twist hair if you want it to look its best. It’s possible that the shampoo you normally use won’t work well with the twists in your hair. 

Therefore, this is a question that you need to ask the person who styles your hair. They would examine the health of your natural hair as well as the fiber content of the twists, and based on this information, they would provide a product recommendation to you.

Cuban Twist Hairstyles With Different Colors

Red cuban twist hair extension Maroon red
Red cuban twist hair extension Maroon red
cuban twist crochet hair
light brown cuban twist hair extension