Ever thought your skin would need alcohol! Yes, you are reading it right there is some information and research by the skincare experts claiming alcohol is found in skincare products like lotions, creams, toners, serums, etc. However, alcohol in skincare products is a denat alcohol. As a result, most of our common cosmetic products include alcohol and we did not even know it: it is called denatured alcohol, or alcohol denat.

Alcohol denat is not just a filler or a fluff element in cosmetics; it serves a purpose.

What is Alcohol Denat used in Skin Care?

It is Ethanol mostly used for industrial purposes. However, it is used in some skincare products just to protect or maintain the formulation, emulsify components, improve skin absorption, and preserve the product.

While we believe that each of these factors is critical in the development of a high-quality skincare product. There are also other elements found to keep your skin healthier.

Is Denatured Alcohol Bad or Good for Skin?

Well, there is a bad side of denature alcohol and a good side too. What alcohol does to our skin is suck all moisture, hydration available in the skin and make it dry and itchy. There are drying ingredients of alcohol you all should be aware of.

Alcohol type that is bad for your skin is denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol & SD alcohol. These will dry up your skin quickly.

It is easy to feel their appeal, especially for individuals with oily skin, because they feel weightless on the skin. These are short term benefits to our skin, but it damages our skin for a long time. When you see these names on any skincare product then you should avoid them as it is bad for your skin.

There are also good products with alcohol present in them and they are known as a fatty alcohol. These alcohol products do not give you an irritational feeling and can be beneficial for your skin.

Alcohol types that are good for your skin Cetearyl alcohol, stearyl & cetyl. Look for products that include these types of ingredients.

If you find these ingredients in your products, then these are good for dry skin type and moderately good for any skin type as they help to preserve the product for a longer time.

Ultimately there are some more benefits of alcohol to the skin, as it helps some ingredients like Vitamin C or Retinol to absorb into the skin more effectively. It is proved that alcohol helps these ingredients absorb into the skin, and the alcohol destroys the skin surface that protects us to keep our skin healthy for a longer period.

There are other, softer ways to get healthy chemicals into skin without destroying its outer layer, which is a challenge that does more harm than good.

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Quick Facts of Alcohol Denat for Our Skin

  • Alcohol Benefits to Skin: Helps skincare products to absorb their ingredients into the skin easily and makes the product last for a longer period of time. It can help other compounds penetrate easier because it eliminates oils from the skin.  It is also used to remove the excess oil from the skin.
  • Who Should Use: Alcohol-based products are not suggested for those with dry skin because they dry out the skin even more.
  • Do Not Mix with: Similarly, you should avoid alcohol denat to begin with, but because it does promote the penetration of other components, be watchful with products that mix it with other possible irritants like fragrance.

What are the Side Effects of Alcohol Denat?

As we have seen dry skin is the major side effect of alcohol denat. The alcohol denat damages the skin surface and weakens the skin’s natural oils.

This may not eliminate moisture from your skin but it will make your skin irritate and it will increase the redness and sensitivity of your skin.

This may have a reverse effect on your skin when the alcohol dries the skin and it may reproduce more oil to compensate and that may lead to more breakouts.

can i use alcohol for skincare

How can I use Alcohol Denat

As we have seen there are various reasons that alcohol denat is used in many skincare products that can cause more harm to our skin than good. However, we cannot avoid it as even some products that are made for sensitive skin may contain it.

Note: Is you do not see denat mentioned anywhere thenYou should check for SD alcohol, SD means ‘Specially Denature Alcohol’ it can also be written in some numbers like Alcohol 22A, and the higher the level of alcohol content is higher the ingredients.

If you have dry skin then you should avoid products that contain denat alcohol, it may dry your skin even more causing your skin redness and itchy.

What do you need to follow? The main thing is to listen to your skin, what suits it, how your skin is reacting to it, it is giving you the best results, and the main thing is if it is comfortable to your skin?

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