You can boost your immunity with certain types of foods and keep it strong for a long period. If you are having any flu, cold, or other infections then you should look for your local grocery store for these types of immunity booster foods.

Foods that Boost the Immune system

1. Citrus Fruits to Boost Immunity

A lot of people consume Vitamin C after they have got cold. Vitamin C helps to boost your immune system.

Vitamin C is also known for improving the production of white blood cells, which helps our body to fight such infections.

All citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, and consuming these fruits can help to prevent any viruses or infections causing to your body.

Variety of Citrus Fruits

  • Lemons
  • Grapefruit
  • Limes
  • Clementine’s
  • Tangerines
  • Oranges

It is recommended to consume these fruits on a daily basis, as our body does not store any vitamins so you need to take it daily.

However, 75 mg for women 90 mg for men as it is recommended on a daily basis. (source)

If you opt for consuming vitamin C, make sure you don’t exceed 2000 mg a day.

Vitamin C also helps you to cure a cold quicker but there is no such evidence that it helps against coronavirus SARC-CoV-2

2. Red Bell Pepper

citrus fruits for boosting immunity

Comparing red bell pepper with citrus fruits then red bell pepper contains the maximum amount of vitamin C. Ounce for an ounce this pepper has almost 3 times the amount 127 mg and as Florida orange 45 mg They also have a high source of beta carotene.

Apart from just improving your immune system, vitamin C also helps you to maintain healthy clear skin. Beta-carotene, where it helps your body transforms into vitamin A, helps your eyes and skin healthy.

3. Broccoli for Immunity

Immunity booster broccoli

Broccoli is a superfood it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It comes with vitamins A, C, & E and fiber and many other antioxidants. Broccoli is the healthiest food you should not forget to consume for boosting your immunity.

If you are cooking broccoli then cook as little as possible as its power should be intact, or it is better you do not cook it. The best method is to steam it and keep all its vitamins and minerals in the food itself. (source)

4. Almonds for increasing Immunity

Almond food that boost immunity system

Almonds are a good source of antioxidants when it comes to improving immunity. Almond is a fat-soluble vitamin, it requires fats to be absorbed properly. Almonds are fully packed with healthy vitamins and have healthy fats.

For adults, you need only 45 mg of vitamin E per day. It means 46 almonds for a day that is a lot of almonds for a day if you are only consuming almonds and no other vitamin E food type.

5. Garlic

Garlic for increasing immunity

There are many health benefits when it comes to garlic and modern science even confirmed that. Garlic is used in almost all parts of the world as a food ingredient. It adds a nice zing to the taste and it is good for health too.

In a 12-week research study has found daily consumption of garlic supplements lowers the number of colds by 63% if comparing it with placebo. (source)

In another research, it has found that a high dose of aged garlic extract (2.5 grams a day) reduce the number of sick days by cold or flu by 61% (source)

Garlic is used in civilized times to cure infections. Garlic also slows down the hardening of arteries.

Garlic contains immunity booster properties that come from good concentration sulfur-containing compounds like allicin.

6. Ginger an Immune System Booster

12 Powerful Foods that Boost your Immunity

Ginger is another ingredient like garlic you can consume after you get sick. Ginger helps in reducing the inflammation that helps reducing sore throat and inflammatory diseases.

There is another bioactive substance in fresh ginger that is Gingerol, which helps in lowering the harm of infections.

In addition, the ginger extract helps to lower the harm or the growth of different types of bacteria’s (source)

A fresh ginger is also very effective against respiratory infections. (source)

You can get fresh ginger near your mart or you can get the powdered ginger or tablets at any online store too.

7. Yogurt

Yoghurt increase immunity system

Yogurts are a good source of Vitamin D, try to get plain yogurt than any flavored as it may contain loads of sugar. If you do not like to consume plain yogurt then you can use natural and healthy sweeteners like fruits or some honey just for the taste.

If you are trying to buy yogurt online then try looking for particular brands for its natural vitamin. Vitamin D helps to boost the immune system and keeps you healthy, boosts your body’s natural defense system and keeps you away from any infectious diseases.

There are some clinical trials are going on to see its effect on coronavirus (COVID-19)

8. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds for immunity foods

Sunflower seeds have a bag full of nutrients like prosperous, magnesium, vitamin B-6 and E. Whereas Vitamin E helps to maintain immune system function, there are some other foods that also contain vitamin E those are avocado & dark leafy green.

If you do not have these seeds, then you can get it sunflower seeds online or store near you they are easily available.

Sunflower seeds are rich in selenium. Just 1 ounce of sunflower seed contains half spoon of selenium that is required for an average adult on a daily basis. A study reveals that it is used to fight against some deadly infections like swine flu (H1N1)

9. How Turmeric increases your immune system

turmeric best super food for immunity booster

Turmeric a powerful food item it is mostly used in India for thousands of years as a medicinal herb and as a spice too.

Turmeric is a strong powerful antioxidant and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Turmeric’s main ingredient is Curcumin. Inflammation is necessary as it helps our body to fight against any infections and it repairs any damages to our body.

As this research says turmeric contains a high concentration of curcumin, which gives its turmeric its yellow color and helps fight and lowers exercise-induced muscle damage.

Curcumin is known for its immunity booster based on research done on animals and antiviral.

10. How Green Tea helps in boosting immunity

green tea helps in boosting immunity

Green tea is rich in flavonoids and it is one of the types of antioxidants. Moreover, green tea where it stands out in the levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), another powerful antioxidant.

In research it is found out that EGCG boosts the immune system, green tea does not ferment and prevents EGCG like black tea destroys EGCG completely.

Green tea also contains amino acids L-theanine that helps in fighting infections and germs as it has compounds in T cells.

11. Kiwi

kiwi best fruit for boosting immunity system

Kiwis are a good rich source of essentials nutrients like potassium folate, Vitamin K, and C.

Vitamin C in Kiwis helps in boosting white blood cells, it also attacks harmful infections, and other nutrients in kiwis keep your body stay fit.

Consuming 1 cup of kiwi juice will provide you with 273% of your daily recommendation unit. In research, kiwis not only improve your immune system but also helps you to reduce the development of cold and flu.

12. Shellfish

Shellfish, crabs, lobsters, crabs, oysters for boosting immunity

You may not be thinking of shellfish when you want to boost your immune system but there are some shellfish that are a good source of zinc.

Zinc is equally important to our body like vitamins and minerals, as our body requires it so that our immune cells can function properly as required.

Zinc rich shellfish

  • Lobster
  • Mussels
  • Crab
  • Oysters

Remember, too much zinc can hamper your immune system. Consume only the desired amount of zinc as recommended in the diet.

  • 11 mg for adult men
  • 8 mg for most adult women

Pay attention to your daily intake of vitamins so you do not overeat or eat little of any of those vitamins. Eating the right amount of food with nutrients and minerals is a good start, and it will prevent you and your family from cold, flu, and other infections.

Some food can be allergic to someone or maybe not we recommend you consult your doctor if you for your allergies before consuming these foods.

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