Today we are going to see skincare routine while working out. Everyone likes to workout, everyone feels good after working out its good for both your mental and physical health.

However skincare is a must when you’re working out, otherwise, that’s gonna go down the drain and your skin will not be as flawless as if you weren’t working out. And we don’t want that!

So I have these 4 do’s and don’ts that you should do when taking care of your skin before after and during your workout that I want to share with you guys. So let’s get started!

4 Skin Care Do’s During or After your workout

Do – Use a Toner to Remove Dirt from your Skin Pores

So the first thing to do, that I will recommend is to use a toner, using a toner before your workout removes all dirt and grime that were in your pores, even after using a moisturizer.

When you are using your toner make sure that you are going in an upward motion so that you’re getting out all the dirt and grime in your pores and you’re not putting any back into your pores.

So the toner that I recommend is the Christina Moss Naturals & LilyAna Naturals (buy from Amazon below)

A lot of the times moisturizers tend to just clear off the dirt and oil that are outside of your pores, sometimes even pushing the dirt oil into your actual pores. So using a toner definitely helps remove all of that oil and all of that dirt from your pores, so that you can have a clear set of pores when you’re working out. So nothing gets clogged up in there especially if we’re wearing makeup throughout the day or putting on certain products like lotion.

We just want everything out of our skin before we workout, So that it’s clear and fresh when we’re removing toxins and nothing else gets into the pores creating acne-prone skin. Toner that I’m using has two parts to it, it has the toner and it also has the natural oils for moisturizing your skin.

Some oils that it has are the green tea oil, macadamia oil, and sunflower oil. This toner is super special because not only does it clear your pores but it adds hydration back to your skin, which is a must when you’re using a toner.

Toners tend to dry out your skin, so using these toners, it’s not only the hydration that’s needed after the toner but it also clears up your pores and gives you the benefits of using a toner as well.

Do – Hydrate your Skin While Working out

So the 2nd DO that I have is to hydrate your skin. This is super super important when you workout you lose hydration through sweating out, all of your toxins in your body. So hydrating is a must one of the biggest tips that I have working out or not is to drink tons of water.


water does wonders to your skin you’re like 80% water so once you’re depleting that from your system your skin gets a little bit dehydrated and it can be acne-prone, it can become dry, irritated, all that stuff that we do not want.

So make sure that you are hydrating before after and during your workout just so we can keep our skin nice and clear speaking of before after in during workouts.

Do – Skin Care During your Workout with Moisturiser

The 3rd DO that I recommend you is to protect your skin during your workout a lot of the times people think you have to use your skin care before and after, but the during part is just as important. So something that I would like to recommend this an inny moisture on boosting mist.

4 Do's & Don'ts Skin Care Tips While or After Your Workout4 Do's & Don'ts Skin Care Tips While or After Your Workout
4 Do's & Don'ts Skin Care Tips While or After Your Workout4 Do's & Don'ts Skin Care Tips While or After Your Workout

first of all, let’s just all take a moment and realize that we all like to just mist our face like that feels so good to me, I feel so good my skin feels hydrated, it gives me a refreshing feeling.

This also hydrates your skin this misting spray has tons of minerals in it and I love earth products, anything that has benefits and anything that comes from the earth.

Actually this has seawater in it which being from Florida it just reminds me of home. It actually also strengthens your skin’s protective barrier when you’re working out. I tend to use it during my workout just to give me that extra hydration that my skin is losing during the process of working out.

Do – Taking a Shower Immediately After Your Workout

So the 4th DO that I recommend is to shower and clean immediately after your workout. Some people tend to not shower after, or they wait and they eat their meal after their workout.


But another one thing that you want to do is make sure that you are hopping in the shower as quickly as you can and getting all that excess dirt that was sweated out through your skin, and all those toxins off your body as soon as possible.

4 Skin Care Dont’s During or After your workout

Don’t – Wear Tight Clothes During Workout

So now on to the don’ts. That don’t that I have is wearing tight clothes and not air out your skin. When we sweat it’s removing all the toxins that are in your body, it’s getting rid of all of that dirt, all of those chemicals that are in your body that aren’t supposed to be in your body.


So wearing tight around that definitely clogs up the skin, and it’s kind of like keeping all of that dirt and oil inside with the cotton material it’s just not good. So make sure that you’re airing about your skin as much as possible.

Don’t – Shave Post Workout

So 2 don’t that I have is shaving after your workout. You can shave after your workout but just make sure that you’re cleansing before. Because, like I said you have all that dirt all those oils on the barrier of your skin, so when you shave right after your workout before you cleanse your body, it can cause ingrown hairs and irritation to the skin.


Basically putting all of that dirt and grime back into your pores, and into your hair follicles which is not a good situation.

Don’t – Wear Make-up During the Workout

The third don’t that I have is wearing makeup. a lot of girls like to wear makeup when they workout. However, that causes so many skin problems and clogs your pores.


Which is basically why I recommend using a toner before a workout. Just to get everything that I had on my face before working out of my skin. No girl wants bad skin, definitely, you can wear makeup to hide it.

But I want to look good without makeup, yeah will recommend don’t wear makeup, it’s not something that I recommend. Just try to take off your makeup as best as you can before working out.

Don’t – Put Your Hair Down

So the fourth and final don’t that I have is not tying your hair up and just letting it down. When you’re working out, especially ladies with longer hair, because they tend to put chemicals in our hair, they have different products in their hair, from the shampoo, conditioner all of the other products.


So when you are sweating you don’t want to get that mixed into all of your skin, while you are working out. It can also cause a lot of oil and products and chemicals to go deeper into your skin, which is not a good thing.

So definitely try to make sure that you’re putting up your hair when you’re working out. try to get all of your hair off your face, because those chemicals and those oils can run down into your skin clog your pores and just not cause a good situation.

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