At first Vitamin B6 Deficiency is very rare to be found, as it is widely available in almost all food like nuts, beans, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables etc. As well as vitamin B6 is also available in multivitamins supplements for adults and children like powders, breakfasts, power bars etc.  

Vitamin B6 deficiency is rare if you are having a proper diet and as we are all consuming food that contains B6 then we are not liable to get the deficiency. But still many of us may not be so lucky and may face  deficiency as it is associated with other B vitamin deficiencies such as folic acid and B12. 

Particular triggers of B6 deficiency have been linked to inadequate gastrointestinal (GI) absorption, hepatic dysfunction, and drug interaction or antagonism.

Vitamin B6 Deficiency is usually found in adults who are having liver, kidney problems, who are smokers, pregnant women, Obese, and alcoholic people.

Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Low energy and feeling tireless

Vitamin B6 deficiency can make you feel abnormally tired and lethargic. And it has a big reason why it makes you feel tired as Vitamin B6 help to make hemoglobin. And Hemoglobin which helps red blood cells carry oxygen to your complete body, it is called anemia.

Anemia is caused if your body doesn’t have enough iron. To improve your stamina you can buy Vitamin B6 supplements too. And apart from tiredness, it will also make you feel sleepy.

Note: So you have learned that Vitamin B6 is needed for red blood cells for transporting oxygen in your body and keep you energetic.

Sore and Glossy tongue

black guy Low energy and feeling tireless

Your tongue will get swollen or become sore if you have a vitamin B6 deficiency it will also get reddish in color it is also called glossitis. 

You will feel difficulty in eating, talking and even swallowing. Gloss and smooth surface on your tongue papillae. 

There is other nutrient deficiency which includes foliate and B12, can also result in such conditions. And if you are regular in consuming all the vitamins then you may clear out the glossitis.

Note: if you have a swollen or sore tongue facing difficulty in eating or swallowing, then it is a sign of Vitamin B6 Deficiency and these are the symptoms – if you are consuming less nutrients like folate and B12 then it may contribute to this condition.

Feeling Numb and Pain in your hands and legs

pain and numb hands

Lack of B6 may trigger pain in your hands and legs and you may even feel numbness too. It is caused by the culprit peripheral neuropathy. 

You will feel symptoms such as pain, tingling, burning sensation in your arms, feet, legs, and palms. There are reports people experiencing as if someone is ‘poking a needle’ to you like pain.

There is nerve damage and it may result in balance problems, you will not able to walk properly and clumsiness.

Note: Nerve damage causes pain in your hands and legs and it is from the Deficiency of B6 or by overdose.

Mood swings vitamin B6 deficiency

mood swings in humans

Sometimes Deficiency of B6 causes mood changes it will give you anxiety, irritability and you will feel more pain. That’s only because of many neurotransmitters, like serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). They both help in controlling and reducing your anxiety and pain.

Almost half the people with autism, supplementing with B6 helps in reducing behavioral problems, as it helps to produce neurotransmitters. (source).

Researchers advise to take 50-80 mg of dosage daily, which may help with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). B6 also helps in PMS as it helps develop serotonin which helps to lift your mood. There is also research going on where scientists study if women experiencing PMS may have minerals and vitamins deficiency.

Scientists are doing more research and finding out that women who experience PMS do have vitamin and minerals deficiencies (Source)

Note: Your mood changes and you feel anxiety and depression happens when you are low in B6. As a result of B6 is required to make nerve messenger help control the mood.

Weak immunity system

a girl feeling tired and restless

Less nutrients, and Vitamin B6 deficiency can weaken your immune system. A strong and well-functioning immune system can prevent infections and various cancers. 

A vitamin B6 deficiency may reduce the white blood cells and T cells too, they are the one who helps you stay strong and keep your immune system up tight and reciprocate quickly.

And it also helps your body produce an interleukin-2 protein which helps in positioning white blood cells. (Source)

Note: if you lack in getting B6, then your body will fail producing antibodies, white blood cells and other immune factors that fights diseases and germs in your body and keeps you fit and tight.

Lips getting dry and sore

dry sore lips

Cracked mouth corners, red and swollen lips, can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin B6. that cracked area near your lips bleed and can become infectious too.

It can also give you difficulties in eating and talking and cracked and sore lips can be very painful.

Eating vitamin rich food which is having good minerals and vitamin sources can clear such infectious symptoms. Also dry, windy and sunny areas can also cause such conditions and even iron and other nutrients. 

Note: Cracked lip corners and soreness of your lips can be a sign of B6 Deficiency. And if its getting worse quickly start consuming vitamin rich food in your daily diet to keep sore and cracked lip areas away.

Abnormal brain cell activity (Epilepsy)

Abnormal brain cell activity (Epilepsy)

Deficiency of vitamin B6 may not be the only reason Epilepsy there can be other reasons. If you don’t receive a good amount of B6 then you may not be able to produce adequate amounts of the neurotransmitter GABA, so the brain may become overstimulated.

There are symptoms like muscle spasm, shivering body, hands, legs, and your eyes may starts rolling too. Sometimes the shivering may go out of control and one can lose its consciousness.

These symptoms are mostly found in new-born babies. And there was a research study found that such cases are commonly found in infants with low vitamin B6. (Source

And now they are found in adults mostly who are pregnant, addicted to alcohol, or having a liver disease. (Source)

Note: Epilepsy is very rarely caused disease by a deficiency of B6. and mostly found in babies buy now it is also found in adults as well. 

Rashes on skin

a girl feeling itchy and rashes

The Deficiency of vitamin B6 is one of the causes of a red itchy rash called seborrheic dermatitis. This rash can appear anywhere on your neck, upper part of your chest, neck, face, or even on your scalp. It has an oily flaky texture and can also cause swelling or also get white patches.

If you are affected with seborrheic dermatitis then they may have higher B6 requirements. 

A face cream with B6 may help people to improve their symptoms from seborrheic dermatitis. (Source)

Note: Most common signs of having Deficiency B6 are itchy, oily, red rashes on the skin. And if you want to reduce the rashes you need to consume more vitamin B6.

Foods containing vitamin B6

Remember your body is not made for storing vitamins or minerals. To avoid such deficiencies you need to consume foods that are rich in vitamin B6. 

As vitamin B6 is most commonly found in almost all food items, plants and animals it might not be tough to find. 

Find the list below containing vitamin B6 and its servings too.

FoodServing Size% RDI
Skinless turkey breast, roasted3 oz (85 g)40%
Pork loin, roasted3 oz (85 g)33%
Halibut, cooked3 oz (85 g)32%
Sirloin steak, broiled3 oz (85 g)29%
Skinless chicken breast, cooked3 oz (85 g)26%
Wild-caught coho salmon, cooked3 oz (85 g)24%
BananaMedium-sized (118 g)22%
Baked potato with skinSmall (138 g)21%
Roasted pistachios1 oz (28 g)19%
Sweet red pepper slices, raw1 cup (92 g)16%
Prunes1/4 cup (33 g)14%
Frozen Brussels sprouts, boiled1/2 cup (78 g)13%
Sunflower seeds, roasted1 oz (28 g)11%
Avocado1/2 fruit (68 g)11%
Lentils, boiled1/2 cup (99 g)10%

Note: If you are consuming any of the above mentioned items then you may meet your vitamin B6 needs.

Concluding part

You have seen what are the deficiency of vitamin B6 are low energy feeling tireless, sore lips, weak immune system, mood swings, pain in hand and legs, Epilepsy, skin rashes, glossy tongue.

If you don’t want to go through the above mentioned problems of facing similar problems we recommend you to see a doctor as soon as possible and get it cured.

However, it is easy to diagnose vitamin B6 deficiency as it is generally available in almost all food items like vegetables, nuts, fruits, meat, fish, etc.

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