When it comes to hair regrowth then fermented rice water therapy comes to mind. Fermented rice water is one of the best hair growth treatments out there. But, most of you are confused or do not have any idea how to make fermented rice water, with the right technique.

This fermented rice water procedure is taken from the Chinese women called Yao women who lived in Huangluo, China. They keep their hair super strong, healthy and smooth. Since a very long time they have been following this process to make their hair strong.

Procedure to Make Fermented Rice Water

You can choose whatever variety of rice, including white, brown, basmati, and jasmine.

  • Take  ½ a cup to a 1 full cup of rice 
  • Put it in a bowl 
  • Rinse the rice and wash it for 1-2 times (Scrubbing the rice carefully helps to remove any dirt and contaminants.) 
  • So once you’ve rinsed, drain the dirty rice water out of the bowl and take a sealed container. You need to make sure the cover is air tightly, now carefully start shifting the rice from the bowl into the jar.
  • Now fill the jar up 3/4 of the way of your water and close the lid tightly. Shake the rice nice and strong as it will help all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the rice into the water. 

Is Fermented Rice Water Good for Hair Growth?

Rice water is high in amino acids, inositol, minerals, vitamins E and B, and antioxidants. Inositol is one of the most essential aspects in rice water. Inositol aids in the restoration of damaged hair while also prolonging the growth of new hair.. 

And now I leave it up to you, whether to use ordinary rice water or fermented rice water. When using ordinary rice water, simply pour the water into the jar. However, if you want to make fermented rice water, you need to let the rice water remain on your table for 12 to 24 hours before using it.

But you to use fermented rice water. As a result, the fermentation process contributes to the enrichment of nutrients in rice water. Fermented rice water does not smell good and if you don’t like the scent, then you should go for Jasmine rice as it will not smell that bad.

To conceal the unpleasant scent, you might add orange peels or fragrant oils to your rice water.

So, in 24 hours your rice water will get ready!! Pour the rice water into a spray bottle and follow along with me as I show you how to use it to fight hair loss.

You should cleanse your hair before using rice water. Shampooing and conditioning before rice water is a BIG NO!!. Remember do not rice water and shampoo together. It will have a negative effect and may cause your hair to dry out.. 

Use a CO wash and Conditioner first and then rice water for the best results. First I would suggest using a CO wash, followed by a coconut cowash, and finally a conditioner.  

procedure-to-make-fermented-rice-water-for-hairHow to Make Fermented Rice Water for Hair Growth
How to Make Fermented Rice Water for Hair GrowthHow to Make Fermented Rice Water for Hair Growth

How Can I Apply Fermented Rice Water to my Hair

  • Begin by sectioning your hair and working your way through it part by part.
  • Concentrate on the roots of your hair, then spray at the roots with the spray bottle.
  • After that, spray the hair shafts, and then massage your scalp.. 
  • Ensure that all of the rice water is soaked by your hair follicles, scalp, and hair.
  • Massage your scalp in this manner to stimulate circulation, which will aid in the growth of your hair.
  • Then, continue the process until you’ve covered every strand of hair in your head.
  • Rest of rice water should be applied to your hair, and applied slowly.

So do I leave rice water in my hair or do I need to wash it out?  

It’s up to you to decide which strategy is best for you, so you can try both. But I’ve discovered that somewhere in the middle is best, so once you rinse it all out, and then keep it in your hair for 15 minutes.

Please do not even misjudge the efficacy of rice water; it’s very strong. What are your thoughts on how the ‘Yao Women’ got their hair so long?

So, once the 15 minutes are up, carefully wash your hair and then rinse off the rice water. Make sure you don’t completely rinse it out, but just enough to keep your hair from being irritated.

After that, you may just go about your regular hair care routine.I would advise against using any heat because it is bad for your hair. However, you can continue doing whatever you normally do.

How to Make Fermented Rice Water for Hair Growth

How Often Should I Use Fermented Rice Water? 

So, because this is such a complex topic, I’m going to offer you an honest answer. Rice water is an exceptionally vigorous hair growth treatment and should be used every 2 to 3 weeks.

But what you actually want to do is find an intensity that works for you, and that relies entirely on how your hair reacts to it.

So, if rice water doesn’t irritate your hair, you can use it every day and your hair won’t suffer any harm. If your hair is really low in porosity, then once a month can be sufficient.