Applying eye makeup is the trickiest part of the makeup routine, especially for beginners. But there are a few tips and tricks that you can adopt in order to get that perfect makeup look.

Whether it is a wedding or day out with the girls, you cannot ignore the eye makeup. A subtle and soft eye makeup look or a red hot eye makeup look with long lashes and thick eyeliner — you know you can achieve it all with the best professional makeup products. But whether you are a beginner or a pro at makeup, everybody needs some guidance to showcase their talent the best way.

With so many makeup kits out there, it can be quite difficult to keep up with the trends. — cat eye, winged eye, Smokey eyes and what not! But as it is said, “practice makes a man perfect,” you too can be perfect at this art. So, get ready to enhance your eye makeup with these best easy tricks.

How to perform natural eye makeup at home simple tips & tricks

1. Prime and Moisturize the base

it is important to prepare and moisturize your eyelids as well. Moisturizer is used to prevent your skin getting oily or dry, and primer is used before applying the foundation as a base. You can simply do it with a moisturizing primer with an HD look and flawless finish. For the best look, it is recommended to use a matte finish primer that is super hydrating and nourishing. You can go for Million Colors’ HD Face Primer that has SPF 15 to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun and keep your skin nourished.

2. Don’t Ignore your Brows

While many people only concentrate on filling their eyelids and waterline, they often forget to attend their brows. What many do not know that well-defined brows can change the entire look and feel of your makeup. Try to be light on the hand and fill your brows, filling them for a natural look yet making them thick enough to look charming.

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3. Neutralize the Eyelids

Well, the concealer is not only used to cover the dark under-eye area but also to neutralize the eyelids. To make sure that the eyelids are covered the right way, it is extremely important to apply a neutral base. As some people have pale or pink skin tones, the natural color of their skin comes in the way of achieving the glamorous look they had planned!

4. Use a Nude Eyeshadow Base

The neutralizing of eyelids is often not completed with just the concealer, rather it is fully complete with applying a nude eyeshadow shade. Even if you are aiming for a smokey eye look or bold eye look, it is important to first apply a nude eyeshadow shade and then go on with a darker shade. That is why it is recommended to always invest in a good eyeshadow palette that has at least one neutral shade.

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5. Do your Face Makeup Afterward

Not sure if many of you have noticed, but it is always recommended to first complete your eye makeup like a pro before going forward with your face makeup routine. This also makes sure that all fallouts and uneven pigment gets corrected with the application of the foundation and concealer — giving you a completely flawless look.

Secret tip

To avoid that it is best to apply concealer to even out any kind of complexion and prepare for eyeshadow. If you want your eyes to look more attractive and more defined, it is best to apply a white eyeliner underneath the brows along with the brow bone then blend it.

After applying the first coat of mascara, apply translucent powder over the lashes, then go onto apply the second coat. This will help you in getting that extra length and volume to your eyelashes without looking bulgy.


Above all, it is extremely important to use the best makeup products for your eyes as our eyes are a very sensitive part of our body. With Million Colors’ premium makeup range, you can get access to the best products to rock every look and be the star of every party.

With makeup products such as Naked Eyes Mascara, Pearl Eyeliner, Matte Eyeliner, HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Correcteur, and many tones of eyeshadows such as The Smoke It Out Eyeshadow Palette, Hey Beautiful! Eyeshadow Palette, Moon Dust Eyeshadow Palette and many more.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best products and achieve that flawless and dreamy makeup look!

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