If you want to buy Lyfe Land with USD (US Dollar), you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency exchange or a wallet that lets you fund your account with either a bank account or credit card.

The 2 major options to buy Lyfe Land (LLAND) Crypto in the United States are Coinbase, Binance US & Robinhood.

Like PayPal (or Venmo), Robinhood does not allow you to access your wallet or wallet address, so you cannot get your crypto out of Robinhood. In this guide, we’ll focus on how to buy Lyfe Land crypto (LLAND) with USD, BTC, ETH using Coinbase and Binance US. 

But first see what is Lyfe Land (LLAND) crypto is and its uses.

What is Lyfe Land (LLAND) Crypto?

A crypto asset called Lyfe Land (LLAND) represents values of properties or lands in Indonesia. With LLAND, each token identifies an asset that is available for purchase. Additionally, each LLAND owner can earn a share of the income generated by the property or land.

Also, you can exchange your existing LLAND tokens for a specific property, depending on its availability and the number of LLAND tokens needed. Digital assets generated by LLAND are therefore considered safe commodities, with property prices that tend to rise in value over time.

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How can you buy digital land assets in Indonesia?

The first step LLAND will take is to issue 200,000 tokens as a genesis token, which will be used to purchase and manage properties similar to those circulating in the market.

Our portfolio will focus on properties that can generate income through rentals in order to reward the community. LLAND’s community and market are expected to grow in the future, therefore the number of tokens will increase.

Can I earn Passive Income with Lyfe Land Crypto?

Rent can be generated from properties connected to LLANDs, therefore generating passive income. LLAND token holders will receive a share of the net income generated according to their ownership percentage. Token ownership is therefore the same as owning real land.

How and Where to Buy Lyfe Land Crypto?

Step 1: If you don’t have an account then Download any application from this link Binance , Coinbase. You will receive $5-$10 each, for Coinbase you will be guaranteed to receive $10 if you download the app from a shared link. And if asked for a referral code for Binance US26712751, Coinbase9X5FH9, use this referral code when installing the application or signing up to receive rewards. 

 Lyfe Land LLAND crypto Buy with ETH USDT BTC

Then fill all your details with a strong password including lower and upper case words and special characters. You can register your mobile number to receive OTP code and then later you will need to download another app i.e.: google authenticator that is for security purposes.

Step 2: Then once you have installed any of the apps mentioned above you need to complete KYC and then you can buy BTC or ETH to buy Lyfe Land crypto.

Step 3: Download Metamask wallet and transfer your coins you have purchased in Binance US app, if you have Metamask wallet, then transfer your funds from your exchange to these wallets. Please take the network address in consideration otherwise your funds will be lost. 

(If you want to buy Lyfe Land crypto from Metamask then buy ETH and transfer it to Metamask wallet and use this (0xe5bf6790d138b154f1df3db8d245be46a5d05ee4) address to buy Lyfe Land crypto.

This can be the next big crypto that can go +100x within few months, just like Axie Infinity pay to earn metaverse game. If you are looking to invest in crypto this can be your good opportunity.

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