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What should be the length of an article: Write for us Technology

  • Blog or Article length 1000+ words
  • Product reviews 800 to 1200+ words
  • Articles with Personal experience 800+ words

Criteria for Writing An Article

Guest Post Criteria for all Types of Articles

  • We don’t accept FREE articles, we take minimum charge for your articles to be shared on our website.
  • Your article should be on a particular topic and a Challenge, Solution, or your personal experience or a review
  • Only 1 do-follow link will be accepted
  • Share an article with at least 1 Image
  • It should be an educational article, a reader should learn some valuable insights from your article.
  • The article should have less than 7% plagiarism, It should be a Fresh and Original article. NO chatGPT or AI Written articles will be entertained.
  • Contact us here – [email protected] (please do not contact us if your article is not meeting the criteria)

Sample Guest Post 

Winds of Change: The Impact and Potential of Wind Turbine Technology

How AI Helps Cities Reduce Pollution, Gas Saving & Ease Traffic

Safeguard Your Internet Environment with iTop VPN Privacy & Safety

Harnessing the Power of Facebook API for Developers

10 Benefits Using Cloud HR Software Program in 2024 

Time taken to Publish your Article

Our editorial team works to ensure a smooth and efficient article approval process. While we strive you at a fast speed, however the guest post approval may take between 2-3 days.

If you haven’t heard back from us after this period, feel free raise multiple reminders Although this situation haven’t come yet so far and it may not come in the future.

Guidelines For Technology Write for Us Blog

We meticulously assess each submission to ensure it meets our criteria and maintains a coherent flow that engages our audience effectively.

We make use of paid tools to check the articles are AI written or naturally written by a person. Hence we do not encourage the use of AI articles. You can refer to the articles shared above in the sample posts.

Make sure you also read and follow the guidelines shared above for getting your articles published.

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