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What Are The Criteria For Writing An Article

Guest Post Criteria for all Types of Articles

  • An article with a specific topic and a Challenge or Solution, or your personal experience or a review
  • Make sure it is an educational article, a viewer should learn from your article.
  • The article should have less than 7% plagiarism, It should be a Fresh and Original article
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What should be the length of an article

  • Blog or Article length 1000+ words
  • Product reviews 800 to 1200+ words
  • Articles with Personal experience 800+ words

Guest post guidelines for all types of articles

When you submit an article to us, we carefully review it before publication. If the article does not meet the criteria we mentioned earlier or if it lacks a coherent flow, we may decide not to publish it.

We use a paid plagiarism-checking tool to ensure the originality of articles. If the plagiarism of an article exceeds our limits shared above, we request modifications to be made to the article. For your reference, we have successfully published several articles that passed this process.

Sample Guest Post 

Best Dental Care in Selkirk: Discover the Top Dental Clinic

Comprehensive Dental Care in North York: A Guide to Achieving Optimal Oral Health

Should I Get Braces Or Invisalign? Braces vs Invisalign

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