There can be numerous ways one can get the Adhesive/glue on their hands or their skin. And it can become a hassle to remove the super adhesive glue from their skin. The superglue can attach your fingers, or it can bind your fingers to other objects. The most common changes of sticking glue to your skincare from the bandages. When you peel off your bandage from your skin there is some leftover adhesive on your skin.

Methods to remove super adhesive glue residue from your skin

Mostly these challenges are faced by nurses and sports players as they apply bandages on their skin when they get hurt and the adhesive does not go off.

However, there are many home remedies to remove the super glue from your skin and let me also confirm that super glue is not harmful to the skin.

1. How to Remove glue hand with Warm Water

Soaking your hand or a part of the affected area in the warm water may help. Soak it for at least 10-15mins. When the adhesive gets softens you can gently peel it off your skin. If it pains do not continue removing the adhesive, soak it for a few mins and then continue.

You can also have a bath with warm water, not very hot, and wash it with soap or detergent.

You can also try other methods if these methods do not help to remove the glue from your hand.

2. How to Remove Glue with Nail polish Remover or Acetone?

To remove the glue, pour the nail polish remover in the bowl and soak the skin for a minute, you can continue doing so until the glue residue starts dissolving.

These nail polish removers contain a powerful solvent known as acetone, which can help to dissolve the super adhesive glue from your hand.

But before trying to experiment on your skin make sure it is safe to use such removing chemicals on it.

This is also used to remove industrial glue or nurses who involve in using most of the glue products.

It is not recommended to use acetone on anything that contains peroxide. If you use acetone it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly afterward. If you feel your skin dry after using the acetone you can apply moisturizer to your skin.

We do not recommend using acetone on injured skin, it can give you a burning sensation. You can use nail polish which you can get near any grocery store, mostly the nail polish remover contains acetone.

3. How to Remove Glue with Butter or Coconut Oil

What you need to do – just pour few drops on adhesive give a gentle massage on your skin or take a cotton swab and move over the adhesive. Keep in mind you need not drench the skin in the oil just coat it with some oil. After soaking it in the oil, rub it softly with a cotton ball or some soft sponge and try to remove the adhesive off.

Butter or coconut, vegetable or olive oil can help you remove adhesive from your hand and fingers. A few drops of oil on the affected area can remove the glue residue from your skin.

This method is also effective to remove glue from your fingernails as you don’t want to damage your nails by rubbing any hard product on your nails.

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4. How to Remove Glue with Ice

You need to take a few cubes of ice in a soft towel and place it over the adhesive for 5-8mins till you can control it. (Do not do for a longer time), it will make the ice hard and it will easily break off the skin.

This can be the easiest and the fastest trick to remove the adhesive from your skin.

5. How to Remove Glue with Pumice Stone?

A pumice stone can help to remove adhesive from your skin. You need to soak your skin in warm soapy water after that you take the pumice stone and rub it in a circular motion on your skin gently till the glue comes off.

You can get Pumice stone in any pharmacies, or nearby stores.

Some of you may experience a burning sensation or discomfort while rubbing the pumice stone on your skin. You can try other methods if it is causing you discomfort or burns your skin.

6. Remove Adhesive with Lemon juice

This is a simple and easy method to remove glue residue from your skin you can perform at your home. It is best used for small patches of adhesive to separate the glue from your skin.

You need to pour 7-8 drops of lemon juice in a bowl soak your skin for 5-10 min and then gently rub on the glue in a circular motion with a cotton swab or some soft towel. Make sure it does not hurt your skin or gives you a burning sensation.

You can also try removing industrial adhesive from your skin with this method. Also, it is an effective method to remove adhesive from your fingernails

women hand applying clue on orange cardboard paper, remove glue from skin

7. Remove industrial glue with alcohol

It is also called isopropyl alcohol, you can find this at your home or if you don’t have it you can get it near your store also it is not an expensive product.

Take few drops of alcohol on some soft cloth or cotton swab rub on your skin gently continue it for 5min and it will start peeling off your skin.

Your skin (affected area) may get dried up using alcohol, you can try using 2-3 drops of alcohol or apply Vaseline or a moisturizer on that area.

8. Petroleum Jelly to remove glue residue

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline that is made of petroleum jelly can be a good example and safest method to remove glue residue from your hand or some sensitive areas where you don’t want to use any other products.

Petroleum jelly is thick and can stick around for a longer time and giving the greasing effect that helps to remove the glue from the hand.

Simply apply the petroleum jelly on your hand let it sit for 5-10 min, and then gently rub with cotton or with a soft paper towel. Also, it will not dry out your skin as it is hydrating in nature.


Sticking adhesive on the skin can be very annoying for all including kids, they may try to eat it but it’s not dangerous. Before trying these techniques to remove glue from your hand or skin you should check if any product is allergic to you or consult your doctor as well.

These are the few simple fast and safest methods to remove bandage glue or industrial glue from your skin. Also if all the methods do not work much then you just wait for 2-3 days the glue will peel off on its own.

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