Use of Indian Gooseberry is good for your hair it makes your hair dark, long, silky, strong and thicker.

So we will see what the advantages of Indian Gooseberry oil are.

1:White Hair:

Looking at the current situation everyone’s hair are getting white. Even kids hair are getting white. But if you apply Indian Gooseberry oil then there are chances of your hair will not get white, but it will get strong and long too.

2: Dryness:

Scalps becomes dry easily, and it gets itchy too you will feel like scratching your head, and then dandruff will start increasing. You will face hair fall due weakening the roots of your hair, Gooseberry oil will make your scalp moisturize and it will also makes your scalp area soft. And it will reduce your dandruff.

Due to dryness you starts facing hair fall. The hair remains a bit stretchy, so the oil of the Gooseberry works as a conditioner. And it will make you hair soft and silky.

4: Indian gooseberry oil:

Indian gooseberry oil can reduce the parasite of your scalp, which will prevent you getting infected with the louse (jue = bugs in your head) It will also kill bacteria from your head completely.

5: Fungus:

Some may get infected with fungus in their head. Hence it starts weakening your hair and you may start experience hair fall too. It will prevent if you starts applying Indian gooseberry oil to your scalp.

And you will be saved from the hair fall, and makes your hair silky and thicker too.

How to make Indian gooseberry oil at your home for silky and thicker hair:

Take 250 gm. fresh green Indian gooseberry’s it will be almost around 6-7 gooseberries.

  1. Wash them nicely and wipe it with dry cloth.
  2. Cut the gooseberries into smaller pieces and separate it from its seed.
  3. Make use of coconut oil to cut the gooseberries and then make a paste of the same with the use of hand mixture. Indian gooseberry’s contains lot of nutrients which will be beneficial for your hair.
  4. As iron is beneficial for our body, we will use iron vessel to heat the paste. It will be a good mixture of both and also help you strengthened your hair.
  5. When heating the paste put the gas on low flame. Keeping the gas on low flames makes it mixed well and also the nutrients would not get exhausted. Though it will take time but do not put your gas on max flame.
  6. The Indian gooseberry contains water, so switching your gas on max flame will spoil the whole paste and you will not be able to keep it for a longer period.
  7. Oil will start releasing in 10-15 min, after 15 min water will be completely removed and you will start noticing brown color coming from the oil, and now you can turn the gas off.
  8. After cooling the oil, put it in a cotton cloth and press it by hand and filter it.
  9. That’s it your oil is ready.

How to Apply:

Take the oil in a small bowl heat it for few 10-20 sec as you have to apply it directly to your scalp, so make sure you does not make it too hot. (We recommend you to apply it to your hand first and then to your scalp to check the temperature of the oil.)

Apply the remaining oil to your hair and massage it for 10 min.

Wash it after 20-30 min with your regular shampoo. Repeat it 2-3 times in a week. And you will notice your hair has started looking silky and thick.

And do share your results which will help us to write and help you more.

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