Want to remain in control of your eyebrows throughout the day and ensure your eyes pop in pictures? Then you should be using a definer for your eyebrows when doing our makeup. Yes, a good brow definer is not just a boon for your eyebrows but also ensures your eyes are framed to perfection.

With an eyebrow definer, you can also give yourself an instant facelift. This eyebrow focused facelift will make you look younger to the naked eye and in photos. With brow definers coming in many sizes and composed of highlighter and concealer, we look at how to include it in your makeup routine.

The importance of paying attention to your eyebrow makeup routine

You might think that your brows look great, and they only need to be tweezed or threaded into shape and then colored with a pencil or brow powder at home. But this is where you are wrong, as eyebrows need to be set, or they will look chaotic in a few hours. So you need to create a routine to nourish your brows and eyelashes.

Additionally, the routine must cover the shaping, coloring, and styling of your brows. Once you use such a brow makeup routine, your eyebrows will look trendy and tamed as you head to the office or party.

Benefits of creating and using an eyebrow makeup routine

  • It will help lift your brows and make you look younger.
  • A makeup routine for your brows will help hide flaws such as asymmetrical eyes.
  • Changing the shape of your eyebrows to meet current trends can make you look fashionable.
  • Helps change the shape of the face and make your features and eyes look balanced.
  • Eyebrows can be tweaked to ensure your eyes look bigger.
  • Ensures that the color of your eyebrows does not look unnatural compared to your hair, especially if you routinely use hair dyes.

How to create an eyebrow makeup routine and get striking brows

Keep reading if you want a makeup routine you can use to get eyebrows with striking good looks.

Tweeze or thread your brows into trendy shapes

Eyebrow shapes are influenced by celebrities and sometimes by popular TV series. So one year might see thick eyebrows trending while the next year might see the rise of thin brows. You can use eyebrow tweezers at home to shape your brows or head to a salon to get them threaded.

Brush your brows

Before you apply eyebrow makeup run a spoolie brush through your brows to remove stray hairs.

Apply a wax-based primer or pencil

Using an Eyebrow Primer you can provide a base coat that allows eyebrow powders to adhere to your brows. If you are not planning to use a tinted brow powder but instead want to use an eyebrow pencil formulated with wax or hydrogenated natural oil, you can skip the application of the primer.

Apply a tinted powder

If you are not using a tinted brow gel and are instead using an eyebrow powder you should employ it at this stage to color your brows and make them look thicker. If you are alternatively using a tinted brow gel you can skip this step.

Use a tinted or clear brow gel

Clear brow gel as a finisher

After you have finished using an eyebrow pencil or powder on your brows you can go ahead and apply a clear brow gel. The clear brow gel will finish your brows, make then fuller, and ensure that they remain in perfect shape all through the day.

Tinted brow gel as a finisher

If you are using a tinted brow gel apply it to give your brows the color that you prefer. Some brow gels also contain fibers that instantly volumize your eyebrows, making them look fuller and thicker. Savarnas Mantra offers a variety of tinted brow gels in soft brown, taupe, and black shades. Using these tinted brow gels you can give your eyebrows a shade that suits your hair color.

Apply the concealer and highlighter contained in a brow definer

The EyeBrow Definer is designed with both a highlighter and concealer. So if you include this brow defining tool in your makeup kit or your purse, you get the benefits of both. Using the concealer end of the brow definer you can cover up blemishes around your eyebrows and mistakes that you made when applying tinted brow gel.

The concealer can also be used to hide dark circles around your eyes in a pinch. Once you have applied the concealer blend it in with a brush or your finger.

With the highlighter end of the 2-in-1 eyebrow definer draw lines under your eyebrows. The highlighter should be used at the arch and tail of your brows. If needed you can you can use the highlighter above your brows near the area around your temple, as this will provide a subtle glow to your makeup. If you use a brow highlighter with a shimmer finish you can create a sixties or seventies inspired look that is ideal for a party.

You can also pick where you want to use the highlighter along your brow bone. Highlighting the brow bone region is ideal if you have a killer bone structure and want to draw attention to it. Once you finish applying the highlighter use your fingers for blending.

Our 2-in-1 brow definer with universal concealer and highlighter is a cut above the rest

At Savarnas Mantra we have created the ultimate brow definer with natural ingredients. Our 2-in-1 brow definer is designed to fit easily within your bag whether you are heading to the office or a trendy party. The concealer comes in a universal shade and the brow highlighter is designed to be applied with a few strokes.

Once the 2-in-1 eyebrow definer and concealer are applied, your eyes appear larger and you look younger. The concealer is also handy when you need to cover pimples and other blemishes. Give your eyebrows a stellar finishing touch with this helpful guide to using our brow definer.







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