Some days, it’s easy to remain upbeat and maintain a positive mood. On other days, anxiety can take over our minds and bodies and make it difficult to stay calm and concentrate on important tasks. While we all have good days and bad days, you may find that you have more challenging days than “normal” ones if you suffer from anxiety. Many people have also been feeling more anxious and depressed as the pandemic continues and we’ve had to make drastic changes to our lives (i.e. working from home, not spending time with friends, teaching children at home).

If you want to improve your mood and ease symptoms of anxiety, here are five tips that could be useful.

CBD Improves your Anxiety

You can take CBD in capsules, drops, and even gummies. There are also CBD creams and lotions that you can use topically to soothe tired joints and muscles since body aches are often a sign of anxiety. Many people prefer CBD because it doesn’t have the psychological effects of THC and still helps to calm the nervous system, promote restful sleep, and improve concentration throughout the day. However, there are some states that permit the use of medicinal and recreational marijuana, such as California.

This means you can shop for THC products at a dispensary or have them delivered to you. If you’re in or near San Diego, you can take advantage of THC flower delivery in San Diego. THC and CBD combined can ease symptoms of depression and anxiety so you’ll have the mental stamina you need to complete important work or school projects and be emotionally present for your friends and family.

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Tidy Up

One of the best ways to ease your anxiety is to straighten up your home. Since many of us are working from home, you may find that you’re more productive when your environment is organized and free of clutter. You’ll also be moving your body while you’re cleaning, which can give you a boost of energy. You’re likely to start feeling a sense of satisfaction when you put away clothes, dispose of documents and mail you no longer need, or organize your desk so you can easily find important information.

Make Time for Laughter

An article on Prevention states that Stanford University conducted a study indicating the laughter is good for our health. Laughing often boosts dopamine in the brain and this neurochemical helps you feel better overall. Dopamine reduces your body’s reaction to stress and makes it easier for you to have a positive outlook on life while raising your blood oxygen levels, according to the Mayo Clinic.

When you feel anxious or you’re just in a bad mood, listen to or watch a standup special by your favorite comedian or turn on your favorite funny movie or TV show.

Listen to Music

Listen to upbeat tunes from your favorite artists to keep anxiety at bay and put you in a good mood. The University of Missouri published a study in 2013 indicating upbeat music has a positive effect on your brain. Yuna Ferguson, the author of the study, asserts that you shouldn’t overthink your feelings as you listen to music. Instead, take in the moment and dance along if you feel like it. You’ll notice that your mood can improve in a matter of minutes.

Spend Time Outside

Dr. Daniel Kripke at the University of California states that people who are exposed to more light during the day are likely to have a more restful sleep and fewer bouts of depression. Dr. Kripke also asserts that light keeps you productive and makes it easier to concentrate. Jack Raglin, Ph.D., an exercise and mental health expert, shares that according to studies, even moderate exercise can improve your mood.

When you spend time outdoors, don’t try to force yourself to engage in exercise activities you don’t like. For instance, if you prefer talking a walk or planting a garden instead of pilates or doing an aerobic workout outside, do the things you enjoy so you’ll be more likely to spend time outside.

Keep these tips in mind any time you need a pick-me-up or want to reduce feelings of anxiety that prevent your productivity throughout the day.

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CBD Improves your Anxiety