A leave-in conditioner can be both moisturizing and protein-rich, along with offering benefits like heat protection, vitamins for hair, and protection from environmental factor

Alba Botanica leave-in conditioners for Braid.  -It is rich in fatty acids . -Strengthen the cuticles. -Decrease split ends.

Argan Oil Leave In Conditioner  -Strength and shine. -It is cost effective. -Can contribute to huge savings in carbon emissions.

Cantu Hydrating Leave in Conditioning Mist. -Instantly shines, hydrates, and conditions hair. -Developed with 100% pure Shea butter  -Gives healthier hair with a radiant sheen that comes from inside.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. -Soften and hydrate brittle hair  -Contains aloe and Japanese honeysuckle, wheat protein, and B5 vitamins

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter & Biotin Leave-In Conditioner. -Silicone-free, creamy leave-in conditioner -Prevent split ends and breakage.  -Smooths, manages, and makes hair easier to style.

SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil  -Protects all hair types without using sulfates. -Softens hair -improves styling manageability.

Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisturizer -Protects hair from environmental damage. -using this product will not cause your colors to bleed. 

Renpure Coconut Water Mist Leave-In Treatment -Is a staple among those with dreadlocks. -Suitable for dry, brittle & damage hair. -Help repair your hair 

Creme Of Nature Argan Oil -Deeply moisturize and add shine to hair. -Contributes to the detangling process.