Winter is gone!! And it’s finally time to embrace with hottest summer products body shimmers! Your body might have turned pale or a bit darker shade due to winters. Here is a great chance for you to get your skin to glow with these moisturizing body shimmer oils, creams & lotions.

These shimmering lotions act great as a foundation for your skin making your skincare routine a step further to prepare for summer skin. These are the best body shimmers to get the summer skin glow before summers arrive, and it lasts for over the year.

Our favorite body shimmer multifunction product not only gives you a healthy extra shine that increases your confidence but also boosts your confidence. The glowing skin is simply anything that causes a sense of empowerment—just that body shimmers make you feel and look beautiful.

From formulations to oil-infused shimmers for additional moisture with tan improving characteristics we have listed down some of the best body shimmers that will glow your body not only from outside but also from within.

Best Body Shimmers for Glowing Skin

Teenilicious Gold Sparkle and Shine Body

As the name says the product are made for teens and kids. This product is made naturally with natural extracts of fruits and floral, which make every application a skin joy. The Shimmer Lotion adds a glittering layer to your skin and gives you the radiance you’ve always desired.  

It has a silky-smooth texture and an attractive fruity aroma, it is enriched with apple pulp, shea butter, and vitamin E. The components listed, as well as other important elements in this Body Lotion, promote skin cell turnover and provide an instant effect for brighter skin.

Available in four sprightly colors golden, red, green, and blue.

Colorbar Mettalics Body Shimmer

This is a multipurpose shimmer powder that gives your body and faces a bright and sparkling aspect. It’s suited for all skin types. There are no parabens, allergies, or perfumes in it.

It sticks to your skin in a silky powdery texture and provides immediate shine. This metallic body shimmer powder is mostly used on your cheeks stroking the puff towards the sides of the face.

Body Code Shimmer & Shine Moisturizer Body Gel-Lotion

This Body Code shimmer lotion is packed with organic components like Sodium Hyaluronate Chamomile, Aloe Vera Extract along with (for making your skin smooth and shiny) + Moisturizer Allantoin (it gives deep hydrating effect)

You can wear this shimmer lotion for a special day, or you are just going for a dinner, it is a perfect lotion that lasts longer even for a complete day. It gives your skin Deep Nourishment, keeping it smooth and silky. This Body Gel is made from natural ingredients.

It does contain Paraben, Sulphate, SLS, Mineral Oil, and it is Cruelty free with 100% Vegan that suits all skin types.

Passion Indulge Gold and Silver Shimmer Face & Body Lotion

This lotion is packed with multiple Vitamins like A & C. It also contains anti-aging elements to get your elasticity back and moisten your skin to help you with premature wrinkles.

It contains papaya, cucumber, aloe vera extract, and kokum butter. Where papaya extract fights dead cells and gives fresh skin. Kokum butter Aid to minimize stretch marks and can decrease and cure scars. Cucumber extract helps in reducing inflammation and irritation to your skin, it also prevents aging. Where aloe vera makes your skin smooth and glowing.

This shimmer can be used on your legs too.

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Filled with rich ingredients like Shimmer + Essential Oils + Pearl White Mica + Gold Mica + Aloe Vera Gel + Distilled Water. This product is specially designed to highlight your facial areas like cheekbones, shoulders, nose, brow bones.

When used it gives a perfect golden glitter-like tint to your skin. It is pure ayurvedic and free from paraben, sulfates, or hard chemicals, & cruelty-free. It makes sure your skin is safe from chemicals.

Bella Vita Glitter Gold Body Shimmer Spray

Bella vita glitter gold shimmer lotion leaves your body a long-lasting glossy finish with a charming shimmer effect. Filled with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals that serve the mode to beautification and skin nourishment.

The shea butter keeps your body moisturize that gives a beautiful glittering effect. You can use it on your legs and hands, it keeps your hands and legs shiny all the time.

MARY JO K H.D. shimmer spray

You can use this multipurpose shimmering spray on your skin before applying the make-up or finishing or giving a radiant shine to a naked face.

How to use: Shake the spray well before and then spray from about 10-12 inches away from your face, and make sure your eyes are closed. The best way is to let someone do it for you to make sure you apply an even layer and cover all your area.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Shimmering Spray for Legs

It is the best product if you have some dark pores or scars on your legs, it will act as a cover-up to them. It exfoliates your legs and keeps your legs smooth and shiny as it looks natural also the product lasts longer. It is water-resistant, and you can easily remove it when showering. And do not forget to shake before using the product.

Liquid Glow for Skin Radiance

This Liquid glow provides your skin with natural a long-lasting radiance. You can use this product on your cheekbones, the high point on your face, on your forehead. If you want to can combine this product with your primer, foundation, or any skincare product you use.

You can use this serum for all skin types, it blends in all types of skin. It has a mica-based formula that comes with tiny pigments which help it blend in with skin tone.

How to use: Take a pea-size drop on your fingertip, then you can apply it on your cheeks, nose, and anywhere you want the glow. You can blend it with your make-up too.

MRS Adbeni Mars

This illuminating drop gives your skin a good shiny sun-kissed finish. You can use this product alone to give your skin a bronze reflective effect or you can combine it with your foundation to give your skin an extra glow.

Swiss Beauty Drop & Glow Liquid Highlighter

This liquid highlighter brightens the skin and creates a layered carved effect. It feels almost featherweight and slides on smoothly, leaving your face a natural finish.

How to use: Blend blush into the cheeks below the outermost corners of the eyes. Just be careful and make sure the blush does not go below the tip of your nose.

Sivanna Shimmer Face Highlighter

This face powder highlighter comes in various layers of colors. You can use them accordingly to your skin tone. It blends naturally in your skin giving you are a nice glowing radiant.

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